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The gifts I'm giving this Christmas

The gifts I'm giving this Christmas


Christmas is almost here and it seems that only now I am realizing that time is short ;)

I always leave it to the last, and I never take advantage of Black Friday. But thanks to Winter Market STYLISTA I had a lot of ideas of what to buy. Here are some tips on possible gifts from national brands that I will offer this year (they are on their way!).

1. Sienna

I love everything Sienna, and these sweaters have been my undoing. So I assume that those I love will also love to receive. Especially with the cold out there.

2. Anna Westerlund

Always Anna.. there's not a Christmas that goes by that I don't offer something from Anna Westerlund. This year there were several earrings for whom I know you will like!

3. This must be the place

I love Catherine's illustrations. My” neighbor " from The STYLISTA market, which makes me always keep an eye on several options to offer. This is my favorite.


4. MPLbeauty

I'm suspicious but I think this is a spectacular gift! It contains fewer wonderful products for the skin, all of them with their due function to make us even more beautiful. Worth a look! Hello Beauty MPL Kit


5. Maria Guedes Lisbon

I really liked these coats. I was sorry that they sold out on the market, but now they are available on the website. I hope someone offers me this Christmas ;)

6. Juliana Bezerra

I love everything and I think good taste prevails here. And there are so many choices.. so many options to offer. I personally like the threads and use it daily. If I worked less with my hands I would love to wear all the Rings I have saved.

7. FLO.

I love FLO. And this box, for those lucky enough to have a garden is perfect. In addition to being a beautiful package to receive, it is also a useful and cute gift to make with

8. Brigadier

Yes I am addicted to chocolate and this is the best place for those who like condensed milk too! This kit is perfect and a unique gift to offer this Christmas. Also check out the selection of Christmas cakes!! It's worth it.