Christmas is almost here and it seems that I'm only now realizing that time is short ;)

I always leave it until last, and I never take advantage of Black Friday. But thanks to Winter Market STYLISTA I had lots of ideas of what to buy. Here are some tips on possible gifts from National brands that I will offer this year (they are already on the way!).

1. Sienna

I love everything Sienna, and these sweaters have been my downfall. That's why I assume that whoever I love will also love receiving it. Especially with the cold weather out there.

2. Anna Westerlund

Always Anna... not a single Christmas goes by that I don't offer something from Anna Westerlund. This year there were several earrings for those who I know will like them!

3. This must be the place

I'm a fan of Catarina's illustrations. My “neighbor” at Mercado STYLISTA, which means I always have an eye on the various options on offer. This is my favorite.

4. MPL'beauty

I'm biased but I think this is a spectacular gift! It contains fewer wonderful products for the skin, all of them with their proper function of making us even more beautiful. It's worth taking a look! Hello Beauty MPL Kit

5. Maria Guedes Lisbon

I really liked these coats. I was sorry they were sold out on the market, but now they are available on the website. I hope someone offers it to me this Christmas ;)

6. Juliana Bezerra

I love everything and I think good taste prevails here. And there are so many choices.. so many options to offer. I personally like the threads and use them daily. If I worked less with my hands I would love to wear all the rings I have saved.

7. FLO .

I love FLO. And this box, for those who are lucky enough to have a garden, is perfect. In addition to being a beautiful package to receive, it is also a useful and cute gift to make with your loved ones.

8. Brigadeirando

Yes, I'm addicted to chocolate and this is the best place for those who like condensed milk too! This kit is perfect and an original gift to offer this Christmas. Also check out the selection of Christmas cakes!! It's worth it, I guarantee.