If you are out of ideas for gift exchanges between friends, we help! We have chosen 6 gifts under 15€ that will make any friend feel very special.

For those who love to take care of their skin… Essence of Roses

A pro-aging tonic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The perfect complement for those who already like to take care of their skin with all the affection, with the plus of having a wonderful aroma of roses! To include in the face routine and feel fresher, toned and balanced skin.

For those who love their hair… Bergamot & orange blossom Shampoo

Maybe you have a friend who loves to take care of her hair, but has not yet made the switch to natural and biological care. This shampoo may well be the starting point! With a fresh aroma and moisturizing properties, it will leave hair clean, shiny and soft, purifying the scalp and caring for fragile and brittle hair.

For the most vain… Luminous: Honey + Acai Facial Mask

Who doesn't feel super special after making a mask? This mask is perfect for those who love to take care of themselves and their facial skin. Anti-aging and antioxidant, stimulates skin elasticity and radiance. Deeply moisturizes, leaving skin toned and smooth.

For the one who has a mega smile… Repairing lip balm

No smile is complete without well-hydrated lips! This is the perfect balm to have in your wallet and the companion of the coldest winter days. Rich in Vitamin C, it repairs dry and chapped lips and stimulates collagen production. It can also be used around the eyes and nose, when we feel the skin more pulled.

For the sweetest… Beauty Chocolates

A chocolate that transforms the skin? Yes, we do! With a high cocoa content and low glycemic index, it is enriched with medicinal plants that support skin health, stimulating its elasticity, radiance and even complexion.

For those who love a good cup of tea… Infusion Beauty or Infusion Super Immunity

Two mixtures of dried medicinal plants, naturally caffeine-free, to drink daily. A Infusion Beauty it helps the body release toxins, promoting cleaner skin and soothing more sensitive or acne-prone skin. infusion Super Immunity it is an anti-inflammatory and soothing ally, with plants that reinforce the body's natural defenses. Any of them will make a friend super happy!