Who better to tell us which MPL'beauty favorites? You guys!
These are the 10 bestsellers, the most essential in the care routines of so many women. Find out why.

1. Serum Puro Sol

It was the first product of the brand and continues to be the best seller, which makes us believe even more in its repairing power. Based on highly nutritious, anti-aging and Anti-blemish medicinal plants, it deeply moisturizes while protecting the skin from sun damage. It suits any skin type, enhancing its elasticity and radiance, and smoothing fine lines.



2. Pink Deodorant

It was the first MPL'beauty deodorant, formulated to be truly effective without blocking perspiration. Lightly moisturizes and exfoliates the armpits, keeping them fragrant all day. Free of aluminum and synthetic fragrances, it ensures safe daily care by neutralizing bad odors. The delicate aroma of Rose and citrus is addictive from the first use.


3. Effective Serum
That basic one that helps us moisturize the eye contour, keeping this delicate skin well hydrated. Prevents wrinkles and fine lines and attenuates dark circles and puffy eyes. The roll-on applicator, made of stainless steel, gives a feeling of wonderful freshness when in contact with the skin, perfect for a firming effect.


4. Regenera Balm
A highly nourishing moisturizer, with soothing essential oils such as blue tansy or lavender. Balances and tones the skin, taking care of redness, acne and rosacea. A daily hydration boost, for all skin types, especially the driest, most sensitive and irritated.


5. Super Woman Capsules
A 100% natural and essential supplement to female well-being, balancing the hormonal system and regulating stress levels. Formulated with powerful adaptogenic plants that offer more energy and concentration, reduce anxiety and regulate mood.


6. Super Hair Shampoo
A formula created to stimulate growth, prevent and mitigate hair loss and soothe sensitive scalps. Deeply and effectively moisturizes and cleanses, strengthening the hair fiber, for stronger and healthier hair.


7. Detox Drops
A must-have to reduce abdominal bloating, support digestion and release toxins from the body. These chlorophyll-based drops boost the body's natural cleansing, eliminating toxins, increasing energy levels and improving the appearance of the skin.


8. Jasmine Cleansing Oil
For daily cleansing of the face from any type of skin. Removes makeup and dead cells, keeping skin clean and hydrated. It balances the pH of the skin and stimulates cell renewal, for firmer and more even skin.


9. Super Hair Mask
For deep hair nutrition from Root to tip. With moisturizing and revitalizing oils and butters, this mask nourishes the hair, recovering even the driest and most brittle strands.


10. Henna
A totally natural way to cover gray hair, without damaging the hair or irritating the scalp. This herbal coloring not only paints the hair, but protects and strengthens it, giving it more shine and volume.