My 7 Morning Rituals

Every day is an opportunity created by us, for us. We can decide its course, depending on the energy with which we start it. Starting the day grumbling and stressed is different from starting the day grateful, motivated and calm. We can work our mind with small habits that help us completely change the energy we spend, focus on positive things, be more productive and achieve what we want most. Today I'm going to share my morning rituals to inspire you to create the yours and feel the power of this change.

1. List of Good Things + 2 Wishes

We've all heard of gratitude journals. I first heard about it when I was a kid on an Oprah show. That if we did, our lives would change. And doesn't it really work?! Write or think of 5 things that really make you happy - you can choose from the grandest to the most futile, without judgment. And then a trick: write down two things that you really want, which have not yet happened, but write in the present, as if they exist. Thank them before you even have them in your life. It is a super strong energy that attracts the best to itself!

2. Choose the energy of your day

The first moments of the day affect its unfolding. If you have an argument first thing in the morning, I'm sure the day will get heavier. While some things are out of reach, you can choose not to start your day right by grabbing your phone and reading emails. Starting the day in stress and worry will not bring anything positive. So choose to start your day with something good and powerful.

3. Positive affirmations

Those who follow me know that I share many quotes. I don't care if it's something basic. I'm interested in how they can echo within us and simplify complex things into half a dozen words. It even inspired me to create the Intuitive Cards, which I turn to when I am looking for some calm in moments that make me restless.

4. Head up!

Our posture is a reflection of our emotions and our confidence. Like everything in life, you work. Stretching every morning, in addition to improving your physical mobility, only brings good things to your energy and attitude. After waking up, spend a few minutes loosening your muscles and joints. You will see that you feel more energized and with a different mindset.

5. Meditate

It is one of the practices with the most proven benefits, but it always seems to be the one that is last on our to-do-lists. And the truth is that it only takes 10 minutes every morning to feel the positive effects. Don't feel bad about not being able to shut down completely - it's a process. Just observe your thoughts, without getting involved with them. Start with guided meditations and gradually increase the minutes. You can even do quick Meditations In breaks from work, for example example, or at lunchtime. I'm sure it will make your days lighter.

6. Breathe

Most of us don't breathe properly and you'd be surprised to know. We are disconnected from this basic process and it is very common to take short and upper breaths (using only the chest), when in fact we should take abdominal breaths, feeling the belly fill and empty. Good breathing does the obvious - it carries oxygen-but it also releases bad emotions and negative energies. That's why, when we're nervous, the advice is to take a deep breath. It turns out 100%.


Breakfast literally means " breaking the fast." What we eat first thing in the morning dictates our energy and choices throughout the day. I like to drink plenty of water before eating and add to it Beauty Drops and Detox Drops. Then I eat real food: fruit, greens, good fats... I love this chia pudding (and my daughter too!) or a super rich smoothiewhich leaves me energized for hours.