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Óleos de Limpeza: como usar & escolher

Cleansing Oils: how to use & choose

If you have to choose just one skincare step to do daily, consistently, then cleanse your skin with a facial towel and cleansing oil ! It is suitable for all skin types and can help (a lot!) to balance the most complicated and sensitive skin. As strange as it may seem to use an oil to cleanse your skin, the truth is that it is the most delicate and correct way to do it and the benefits are many:

  • Does not remove the skin's natural oils , unlike what can happen with cleansing foams and gels
  • Balances excessive oiliness
  • Preserves the skin's microbiome , maintaining the balance between good and bad bacteria
  • Removes dead cells and cleans pores
  • Removes makeup and accumulated dirt
  • Prepares the skin to more effectively absorb the botanical active ingredients of your beauty products
  • Stimulates circulation and activates lymphatic drainage
  • Strengthens the skin's protective barrier
  • Deeply hydrates , especially drier skin
  • Soothes skin inflammations such as acne and rosacea


Even though you can cleanse your skin with one of your moisturizing serums , the truth is that the active ingredients and consistency of cleansing serums are better suited - and using them will enhance the action of your serum and moisturizing cream.

If you have balanced or mature skin , you should definitely choose Jasmine . Jasmine flower extract is known for its antioxidant benefits, keeping the skin protected from external aggressors , such as stress, pollution and sun , thus preventing premature aging. Promotes cell regeneration , for firm, toned and smooth skin. Jojoba, apricot and castor oils are quickly absorbed by the skin and are excellent vehicles for absorbing all the benefits of jasmine and the other plant extracts in this oil.

For sensitive and reactive skin , cleansing should be done with Camélia oil. This light oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, accelerates skin healing and reduces inflammation, hyperpigmentation and marks. Camellia japonica oil is known as the "elixir of Japanese geishas", for keeping the skin strong, protected and full of radiance.


Our skin is always working and it is during our rest, when we spend less energy on other tasks, that it does its greatest work of regeneration.

Therefore, it is important to “wake it up” in the morning , after this effort, as well as nourish it before going to bed, giving it good tools to carry out its work while we sleep.

1. Rinse the towel with water - try cold water in the morning to wake up your skin, and hot water at night for a more relaxing effect and also to help open pores and remove makeup/impurities.

2. Squeeze the towel and add a few drops of Jasmine or Camellia .

3. Rub the towel over your entire face, especially around your eyes and lips. Move the towel gently in circular movements, in order to release impurities and toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage and, at the same time, deeply hydrate.

In the neck area, move upwards to the chin and then downwards on the side of the neck (below the ears to the collarbone).

4. Apply the Effective Serum to the eye and lip area, where the skin is more delicate and needs more hydration and protection. As Caroline Hirons says, if you don't do it, it's like putting a bra over your clothes.

5. Spread 3 to 4 drops of your serum on your face and finish with a cream , if you feel that your skin needs that extra.

A simple routine that, done daily and consistently, completely changes the appearance of your skin. Ready?

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