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Kit Pés: tudo sobre & como usar

Feet Kit: everything about & how to use

Only when you need to put on some sandals or flip-flops do you realize that you neglected taking care of your feet during autumn/winter, right? And no, it's not just your feet that get too dry and cracked. In fact, this is very common, due to some characteristics in this part of the body, even for people with naturally luminous and smooth skin.

Because we know that it is something that can make some women uncomfortable, and because it is so important that we keep our feet cared for, as they support all our weight on a daily basis , we created the Feet Kit - a nano-glass file to exfoliate and remove dead cells and a stick moisturizer to restore skin smoothness.

You'll be more comfortable, healthier and confident , and save on pedicure appointments. After all, it's really simple to use this kit at home. Let's explain everything!

Dry Feet: Common Causes

The epidermis of our feet has an extra layer - stratum lucidum - which is thicker and harder than any other part of the body. Furthermore, in this area there is a lower concentration of sebum-producing glands , making it naturally less hydrated. How our feet support all of our weight daily, while we stand, walk, run, train - in short... always! -, it is normal for calluses and drier areas to appear on the main pressure points, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet or train intensely. These drier and cracked areas open the way for microorganisms, leaving us more susceptible to infections , for example. All of these are good reasons to invest in good, regular foot care at home!

How to use the Feet Kit

The Feet Kit includes a nano glass file and a moisturizing stick. This file, in addition to being highly effective in removing dead cells, without hurting or getting worn out after a few uses, is longer lasting and therefore a more sustainable choice. It can be used on dry or wet feet, depending on the time you have available for the treatment. The moisturizing stick, based on cocoa and shea butter , keeps the skin very soft and contains plant extracts , such as calendula and lavender , to soothe dry, dehydrated skin and support regeneration.

1. Exfoliate your feet

While showering, use your favorite exfoliant on your feet to prepare them for a pedicure. Remember to use lukewarm water, as water that is too hot dries out the skin even more (advice valid for any area of ​​the body!)

2. Use the file

With the rougher side of the line , scrape all the driest and hardest areas of the feet, including calluses.

3. Moisturize your skin!

Apply the balm stick to your feet and enjoy a relaxing massage, which will also help the moisturizer penetrate deeper into the skin. If you have the opportunity, wear socks to retain moisture!

No time for a long pedicure?

If you have less time, use the file on dry feet and apply the moisturizing stick after that. You can choose to do this at the end of the day, put on socks and leave your feet protected while you sleep, so that there is greater retention. You'll see that you wake up with new feet! However, doing this at the beginning of the day also has advantages, as it offers a boost of hydration to your feet, leaving them less susceptible to forming calluses and areas that are too dry during the day.

Whatever the time of day, whether your feet are dry or wet, the important thing is to start taking care of your feet now . Treat them like any other area of ​​the body, which you hydrate and care for daily. You will see that the differences are felt quickly and that comfort increases!

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