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Tenho a Pele Oleosa: E Agora?

I have oily skin: what now?

Guide to caring for oily skin

I'm going to give you all the tips that I think are essential for rebalancing oily skin - not only with beauty products, but also from the inside out, of course. Even if your skin isn't considered oily, it certainly goes through phases when it feels that way and it's always good to know how to react to these phases.

What does oily skin look like?

Excessively shiny and greasy. If you wear make-up, you may find it difficult to keep it on your skin. This means that our sebaceous glands are producing too much sebum - more than enough to lubricate the skin and remove dead cells by releasing the excess along with sweat. 

If not looked after properly, pores become clogged and wider, making them more prone to dead cells accumulating, which can result in (or aggravate) blackheads, pimples and acneespecially around the forehead, nose and chin. But there's good news too: oily skin is less prone to wrinkles and premature ageing. 

Skin cycles

You may not always have oily skin, but you can have it sometimes. This is because our skin goes through cycles. Start observing your skin during the different phases of your menstrual cycle.

  • During menstruationyou may notice drier skinas progesterone and estrogen levels drop.

  • After menstruationthe production of oestrogen increases, which promotes the production of collagenresulting in skin firmer and brighter skin

  • During ovulationlevels of collagen remain high and some people feel more confident than ever. But also there may be some extra oiliness - Each body is different. 

  • After ovulationthe body begins to produce more progesterone, which increases sebum production. We become more prone to clogged pores and that's when those brazen pimples appear in the most visible places. 

There are also external factors such as climate and pollution. Oh, and of course! The skin always signals that something internally is not as good as it should beso taking care of your diet and nervous system is essential. 

Beauty routine for oily skin

Beauty routine for oily skin

1. cleansing the skin

For me, it's the most essential care for oily skin. Cleanse daily, morning and eveningcleansing daily allows excess oil to be removed and pores to be opened so that impurities don't accumulate. 

  1. Apply organic cotton facial towel with hot water and wring it out. 

  2. Cover your face with the towel to create steam and open your pores. 

  3. Run the towel under hot water again and squeeze. Pour a few drops of Camellia Oil on a damp towel and wipe over the face and neck, massaging the skin very gently. It will remove impurities and dead skin while deeply moisturizing the skin. 

Beauty routine for oily skin

2 . Moisturizing

After facial cleansing, it's very important to reinforce hydration in the right way. It's common to avoid moisturizing when we see oily skin, but this can have the opposite effect and cause the skin to produce even more sebum. Therefore, moisturizing with a formula based on light oils that don't clog pores is ideal.

I recommend applying Regenera, a light repairing balm, that helps balance the skin's pH. It is very good for sensitive skin and for cases of acne or other inflammationsbecause it contains soothing essential oils such as lavender, geranium and blue tansy.

For those who prefer serums, the best option is Repair. A light and delicate facial oil, this serum specially formulated for oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin deeply cleanses and moisturizes, fights imperfections and helps balance the pH, while naturally calming and fighting acne. Gently apply 2 to 4 drops to cleansed skin and spread gently in an upward motion.

The serum and cream can be used morning and night and together, ideally applying the serum first and then the cream.

 Beauty routine for oily skin3 . Facial Mask

Facial masks are a more sporadic ritual, but they are super important. It's a concentrated way of cleansing the pores and moisturizing the skin. You should do a face mask 2 times a week

For oily skin, I recommend Luminous. It's based on acaia nutritious source of antioxidants, e honey, a source of vitamins and mineralswith benefits anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. It has properties that moisturize the skin, soothe inflammation, regenerate and tone the skin and even out the complexion. Your skin will immediately feel softer and more serene. 

Beauty routine for oily skin4 . Re-balance internally

It's inevitable. If we only apply beauty products, we're just covering the sun with a sieve. We may feel some improvements, but they will never be as deep and long-lasting. 

I advise you to take Pure Beauty. You can add 1 teaspoon to drinks or your usual breakfast. This mixture has amla, schisandra e açaírich sources of Vitamin C and Ewhich act as antioxidantsessential for neutralize free radicals and promote collagen production and regeneration. 

It can also give your daily hydration a boost with the Beauty Drops. They will strengthen your skin, making it brighter, more elastic and with a more even complexion. 

A diet plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin. Bet on vegetables rich in watersuch as cucumber, and greens (lots of greens!), such as spinach, broccoli and kale (the darker leafy ones), rich in fiber and great for detoxifying. Lots of oranges and lemons, because of the Vitamin C, e banana, rich in potassium, phosphate and Vitamin E. Good fats such as avocado or nuts are essential.

Avoid dairy products as much as possible because they contain a lot of hormones, they increase sebum production. Eliminate or control your consumption of caffeine and alcohol, because they dehydrated and the skin may produce more oil to compensate. It goes without saying that refined carbohydrates, processed sugars, excess salt and saturated fats are bad allies (for any skin, really) and so we should avoid them whenever we can. 

If you feel like you need a little extra help, try the Detox Drops, with chlorophyll that helps eliminate toxins, improve the digestive process and liver functionand increases oxygenation. 

Have you learned more about how to treat oily skin? I hope so and that you soon feel much better in your skin!