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De Dentro Para Fora com Madalena Beirão

From the Inside Out with Madalena Beirão

A Madalena is undoubtedly a very special entrepreneur... one who never gives up and is always looking for more! In addition to her successful brand Zilian - a 100% Portuguese shoe brand that combines comfort with sophistication - she has other projects, including the Tap Dancea wonderful podcast.


From the inside out with Madalena Beirão


Sign: Aquarius

Season: Summer

A color: White always, but I love many colors! Now, eggplant!

A book: Where the wind cries

A movie: Life is Beautiful

A song: the soundtrack to The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain

A podcast - Tap dancing 😜

An object: a candle

Favorite place in the world: a deserted beach

From the Inside Out with Madalena Beirão


Who or what inspires you? People, stories, emotions inspire me. Materials, textures, colors, shapes, smells. I'm inspired by beautiful things.

What have you yet to create? So much... constantly changing/evolving...

How to maintain creativity: with maximum curiosity and always keeping an eye on everything!

 From the Inside Out with Madalena Beirão


First thing to do when you wake up: sit up in bed and stretch my back

How to relax at the end of the day: not at the end of the day, with 3 children you can't relax at that time 😂 but when everyone is asleep I relax by reading and "listening" to the silence in the house. I value silence more and more!

A place to switch off: watching the sea

Favorite physical exercise: Dancing / hiking

How you release stress: dancing! laughing!

A woman who inspires you: my mother

Inside Out with Madalena Beirão


Your ideal diet is: fast and healthy

What you always have in the fridge: Ice water, fruit

Dinner-saver recipe: Pasta with anything

Favorite drink: Watermelon juice

Favorite snack: Dark chocolate

Favorite restaurant: Hikidashi

Favorite cookbooks: cooking is not my strong suit, my husband cooks beautifully! :) Cru, by Inês Simas

 Inside Out with Madalena Beirão


Beauty icon: Confident, fighting women, beauty comes from within. I like sober beauty.

An essential piece of clothing: Jeans and a white t-shirt (to go with any pair of shoes!).

What's not missing from your beauty routine: lots of moisturizing

Favorite MPL'beauty product: Regenera and Super Hair Shampoo

How do you feel more beautiful? Well slept and tanned

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