How to lock hair loss

At the fall, the leaves, the rain and, unfortunately, also falls the hair… besides being a boring being constantly finding hair everywhere, it is something that can have a huge shake in ours self esteem and, in certain cases, to be evidence of some Emotional problem like stress and anxiety. If you are experiencing problems hair loss, take a little to watch it and try to answer these questions: Are you nourished or dull? How would you describe the state of your scalp? Dry? Note Weakening the wires?

Although it is a typical phenomenon of this time of year, remember that there are numerous other reasons why your hair may be compromised, from genetic and hormonal imbalances to stress or nutritional deficiencies, so it should always be aware of the signs that it gives you. In any case, the prevention and treatment of hair loss must always go through a Full system reinforcement It is suitable hair care. Let's see how.

Three ways to prevent the fall

How to lock the seasonal hair loss

1. Supplementation to combat hair loss (from the inside out)

It may seem uninitive, but the most effective method of preventing and treating hair loss does not require touching a single hair. Start inside out and goes through balance your system with vitamins and natural medicinal plants. From little use treating the root of hair with ampoules or other products, whether in the source the problem continues to solve.

Only two daily capsules of Super Hair Capsules It is sufficient to balance your hormonal system and, in a short time, will begin to see the results in your hair.

How to lock the seasonal hair loss

2. Wash and strengthen hair

When we wash our hair, it is important that we know that our scalp absorbs all the products we use. Therefore, a poor composition shampoo or conditioner can significantly damage our scalp and weaken our hair, making it thinner, drier and lifeless. You can try to remedy and disguise at will, with paints, dryers and signs daily, but until you bet on quality wash products you will be in a cycle that is impossible to break.

For revitalize and restore the natural force of the hair fiber, apply the Super Hair Serum at least once a week, with botanical oils selected specifically for its power to stimulate growth and nourish hair root. Just a few drops along the root, massaging vigorously, and let it act for at least 20 minutes or for deeper treatment at night. In the end wash with the Super Hair Shampoocomposed of 100% natural and biological ingredients for truly effective treatment.

If you have a habit of dyeing your hair, remember that chemical paints cause immense damage to your hair, and may even interfere with your health, so consider it to do a natural color with henna.

How to lock the seasonal hair loss

3. Hair growth stimulating tools

Finally, but not least, the stimulating tools of hair leather can be their greatest allies in this fight against the hair loss and loss of vitality of your hair. Two to three times a week, use the Scalp dermaroller, a technology with microagules that stimulate blood circulation on the scalp and consequently hair growth. Applying slight pressure, move the roller perpendicular to the hair line and then horizontally and finish by placing the Super Hair Serum at the root.

If you prefer a more traditional technique, the Jade comb It is a tool used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate blood circulation, essential for a healthy scalp and hair. Use the comb two or three times a week to massage the scalp following one of these massage techniques:

Circular movements:

  1. Poured the comb at the root of the scalp, making some pressure. Make circular motions between 5 to 10 times, to one side and then reverse the direction;
  2. Repeat the same process on other zones of the scalp: on the sides of the head, next to the ears, the back of the neck and even in the neck if desired.

Long and continuous movements:

  1. Apply some pressure at the beginning of the hair line and slide the comb to the nape zone, 5 to 10 times;
  2. Apply a few drops of serum to the neck and make the same movement, starting at the base of the neck and sliding to the nape zone.


  1. Make several taps with the comb to stimulate the circulation of energy. Just "beat" lightly with the comb along the root of the hair.

If you follow these tips, hair loss no longer has to be a reason to worry. Above all, remember that Consistency is fundamental And that the minutes you lose daily with this care are a valuable investment in your self -esteem and the health of your hair.