How to end swollen eyes in 5 minutes, with the gua shame

If you usually follow us here on the blog, you have probably realized that we are great fans of Water, an incredible and natural beauty tool, essential for our self-care and to support your skin daily. More what are the benefits of massage with Gua Sha, because we love our mushroom gua shame of rose quartz, and what is the correct way to use it? We tell you all that you need to know about Gua Sha, to start the year well saying goodbye to the tired and swollen eyes!

How to end swollen eyes in 5 minutes, with the gua shame

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancestral practice used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to moisturize, tone and rejuvenate the skin. In addition to improving skin appearance and health, facial massage with gua gua is excellent for reducing stress. With a refreshing and restorative effect, this fabulous tool, combined with the right oils, will help eliminate toxins, and doing the Lymphatic drainage, in addition to stimulating blood circulation.

Benefits of Gua Sha

There are several types of Gua Sha, in different types of stone and designed to act in various parts of the body, and our mushrooms Gua shame of rose quartz They are perfect for taking care of the skin around the eyes and mouth, two super important and super sensitive areas that need special care.

Here are some advice to make the most of your water:

Choose the right stone: Our Guar Mushrooms have the ideal shape, adaptable to your hand and the contours of the face, with a larger surface and a smaller one to massately massage around your eyes and lips. They are made of pink quartz, the unconditional love stone, which besides being very effective and refreshing when passing through your skin, will tone the skin, decongest and help reduce wrinkles.

How to end swollen eyes in 5 minutes, with the gua shame

Use the right oil: Choosing the proper product so that the water can slide gently but exerting some pressure on the skin of the face, is essential. Our Concentrated serum Lifting Effect Effective Eye Contour It is ideal for reducing dark circles and pads and straightening the eyelids. Using the stainless steel roll-on, spread it around the eyes and then pass the mushroom gua shame, always from the inside out, exerting a small pressure and sliding it through the skin, even in the most difficult areas, to favor lymphatic drainage and decongestation.

Take your time: Prefer slow movements, passing its water as you gently, but with some pressure, over the different zones of the face. Repeat the movements between three to ten times and make light circular movements. The mushroom will help relieve tension on the face, and through stimulation, the serum botanical actives will more effectively penetrate the skin.

Attention to pressure: For lymphatic drainage to be really effective, reducing dark circles and swelling, we want to press, but without too much. That is, when using your Gua Sha, exerts a delicate and pleasant pressure that feels, but without too much strength.

How to use?

How to end swollen eyes in 5 minutes, with the gua shame

The New Year is perfect for creating new routines, and to end up with swollen eyes and dark circles remember, consistency is critical! Try your Massage with water share twice a day, in the morning upon waking and at night, before bedtime. Start by preparing by applying the Be a, around the eyes and mouth and then massate this area with the guarless mushrooms, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the hair line.

For one even more refreshing effect, place your mushrooms gua in the refrigerator before you do the massage. You will see how your eyes are reborn at the end of the day, after several hours glued to the computer screen! How delightful!