Horoscopes May

Good thing we have the calm and pleasurable Taurus energy on our side, because May will have its challenges! Besides the fact that we are in Mercury Retrograde since April 21 (until May 15), there is a lunar eclipse in Scorpioon May 5 - something that will only happen again in 2031. Expect nothing less than intense outcomes to issues that have been swirling around in our heads for the past two years.

The energy gets lighter in the second half of the month, with the end of Mercury Retrograde and the passage of the eclipse, and with the bonus of the Jupiter's entry into Taurus on the 16th - Jupiter in Taurus on the 16th.the planet of luck and abundance!

Find out what your sign can expect and the perfect self-care tip for this month!



The Taurus season suggests you indulge in life's pleasures and open your purse strings, but let Mercury Retrograde pass by for more impulsive purchases or other larger investments. Incidentally, Jupiter will enter your money house from the 16th and you can expect good luck from there, so patience until then! The eclipse can be quite intense for you, forcing you to confront repressed feelings stored deep inside. Aries bravery will be your greatest ally to get through this time!

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Not even Mercury Retrograde is capable of bringing you down - after all, it is your month! If the lunar eclipse can bring a bit of drama, especially when it comes to concluding relationships and partnerships, the following period will be one of lightly flowing energy and full of opportunities. But the best thing is really Jupiter's entry into your sign on the 16th, something that hasn't happened since 2012. Expect a coming year full of opportunities, luck and magic in everything you touch. Take advantage of the New Moon in your sign on the 19th to turn the page and manifest this energy to the fullest.

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Tough luck that your planet, Mercury, spends its life in retrograde motion, bringing confusion and irritation when it comes to communication. Take a deep breath! The lunar eclipse may not help the party, but remember, a shake-up now is necessary to make everything clearer in the times ahead. The second half of the month will be energetic, with desires for new experiences and in a greater connection with your innermost and truest side. Ride the wave into your birthday in a big way!

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Taurus energy is bringing out your more social side, so take the opportunity to get out and socialize. The solar eclipse promises excitement in your sex and love life. You'll feel extra charming, and our tip is to encourage that side of you! Jupiter's movement brings your partnerships, collaborations, and friendships into focus and can make your future shine brightly, with the realization of projects and dreams. Take advantage of the New Moon to manifest all these desires!

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While the spotlight is on your career and profession, you may have to wait until Mercury Retrograde passes to feel that motivation and see a clearer path. But the second half of the month will take over, with Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun joining forces in that area, heralding a cycle of prosperity, advancement, and achievement! Take advantage of the energy of Mars, starting on the 20th - a boost of confidence, determination, and competitiveness.

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Being an Earth sign, just like Taurus, it is natural to feel a pleasurable energy around you, leaving you inspired to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Once Mercury Retrograde ends and Jupiter moves in, you can expect an expansive period, ideal for booking trips you've always wanted to take or learning something new that is stimulating your mind. The New Moon in Taurus will be the perfect time to take a chance on whatever your intuition tells you.

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This could be a month of change, Libra. With the Sun illuminating the eighth house, that of transformation and evolution, Mercury Retrograde and an eclipse, you may well have to "clean house" when it comes to resentments, values and wants. The trick is to never forget your true value and path when some conversations become more difficult. In mid-May, with Jupiter entering your eighth house, get ready to travel for a while in your shadows. Take advantage of the New Moon to connect with yourself, in all honesty, and reflect on your path. When you enter the season of Gemini, also an Air sign, all that heavier baggage has to be released, embracing your more social, adventurous, and expansive side!

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The eclipse in your sign on the 5th asks you for honesty in your desires and goals - something that will transform the relationships around you. Any issues or conflicts that may arise in the first part of the month will be more easily faced once Mercury Retrograde is over - and you can be optimistic, as Jupiter will move with your luck in the house of relationships. See the New Moon as a truce, perfect for appeasing conflicts that may have arisen in the first half of the month, leaving you ready to begin a new phase.

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Taurus' pragmatism is having an effect on your daily routines, so it's natural that you feel the urge to invest in wellness and health, with new habits and enhanced commitment. Yes, Mercury Retrograde may not help the party, but save that urge for in the second half of the month to move forward fully. Also, Jupiter is your planet, and with its movement on May 16 in the house of health, your productivity, focus and determination will be on the rise. Take advantage of it!

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There's a lot of energy surrounding your romantic and sexual life, and even though Mercury Retrograde can make everything more chaotic, the month heralds change. Venus, the planet of Love, will light up the house of partnerships, and Jupiter will storm into the house of creativity and romance, and stay there for a year. You can only expect lightness, pleasure, fun!

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Mercury Retrograde may be bringing a bit of drama into your life, specifically in matters of your private sphere, with family members or partners with whom you share daily life. Patience is key, not least because we want the eclipse to pass without earthquakes! Take advantage of the night of May 5th for a ritual of self-care ritual relaxing. Cheer up, as the energy totally changes with the end of Mercury Retrograde on the 14th, and the entrance of Jupiter in Taurus, hitting precisely your house of emotions and personal life, flooding it with luck, security, and opportunities.

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With Taurus hitting the communication house, you are likely to feel the unstoppable social life and even an extra confidence, out of the ordinary. Don't let yourself get demoralized by the typical Mercury Retrograde messes - you already know it's fleeting. Also, this is where Jupiter will shine from the 16th, so get ready for an expansive period when you can express yourself to others and share your ideas fluidly.

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