Horoscope February

Is it one of those who felt that January began to fly or that lasted eternity? Maybe the sunny days helped her overcome this usually gray and sad month?

We arrived in February and with it comes another cycle for each sign. It is also the month of celebrating Valentine's Day that, here, we celebrate with discounts in the MPL'beauty kits, so that it can give an extra treat to itself and celebrate love. See the kit that suits the energy of your sign!


With the sun in Aquarius, there is a vibrant optimism to illuminate it and also to do this month the perfect moment for networking, being with friends, meeting new people and working as a team. If the ram are reputed to be impatient, this month may feel well focused, quiet and without haste. The New Moon on February 20 will ask you to embrace, to take a break and decide to work less. It also marks the entry of Venus, the planet of beauty and sensuality, in its sign and this shouts quality time with itself to take care of its beauty and well-being.

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Objectives, career, recognition. This is all that the sun in Aquarius illuminates earlier this month. You may have new opportunities or see more clearly what you want in your life. Although Taurus women are seen as predictable and cautious, they may feel the momentum to throw themselves up to something new.

Your MPL'beauty kit is the CUPPING KITto be able to do a natural lifting to the face with an unusual tool. This is what this month asks for this month to get out of the routine and try something new.


Light! This is the February feeling to the twins, with the sun in Aquarius, also an air sign. You feel like traveling, exploring new sites, having ideas, learning new things. To break free from expectations that others have about themselves and live as they feel like. The New Moon on the day 20 can bring new opportunities and leadership roles, as well as a super effervescent social life, without superficiality and with much meaning.

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The sun in Aquarius tells him to move on and stop being so thoughtful about the past. In the second half of the month, its finances focus and, good news, the planet of abundance, Jupiter, is nearby. The New Moon, which symbolizes new restarts, may be the right time to close some business or amazing project for you. With Venus in Carneiro, it is possible to feel popular and recognized for their work, both for peers and by the people who have it daily.

Your MPL'beauty kit is the Super detox kitto let the body clean and start a new cycle and be able to focus on the future, as this season asks.


It is a perfect time to start or deepen relationships. Commit to something important, creating action plans, making decisions to achieve objectives, connecting to the right people-feels optimistic and with an open mind.

Your MPL'beauty kit is the Hydration kit Hair. As much as things change and advance (for the better!), There are basic things that should be well present in life. 


The sun in Aquarius puts its well-being, its productivity and its highlighted routines. As aquarium means innovation, perhaps these areas of your life need an upgrade. In the second half of the month, your relationships become the focus and the new moon on the 20th can make it know someone new, start some partnership or deepen an important relationship in your life.

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Enjoy this month to navigate the world of romance and creativity. It's the right month to go to parties, to flirt, to laugh and enjoy life! Venus, his planet, enters ram on New Moon Day, and his relationships are the happy contemplated. You can meet someone very special in the near future or feel their currently reinforced current relationship, with more fun and flirt to the mixture. It's really a month when you feel especially beautiful and accomplished!

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True sponges that absorb all emotions, scorpion women are really in need of a ME TIME, with Jupiter and Carneiro to probe the well-being sector (until May!). Disconnecting and relaxing are slogans. It is true that this month the stars are aligned to feel seductive and passionate, but they will also make you feel like more privacy and quality time with yourself. Learn to browse this duality!

Your MPL'beauty kit is the Relax Kitto really slow down and enjoy a quiet rest.


Do you feel busy and with agitated life? It is because it is in the season of Aquarius until the 18th and the world is looking for its electrifying energy. But the thing changes in the second half of the month, with the entrance to Season of Pisces and the arrival of the New Moon. It is a time to reflect on the balance between work and personal life, to evaluate new ways of being with those who like and even to clean and rearrange their spaces.

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It seems that Aquarius is giving him a creative and innovative energy, which can be really powerful, as we are talking about a super -focused and hard -working sign. The second half of the month will make you more sentimental and also enhance your communication capacity. The New Moon will bring a peaceful and loving energy to the home sector. You can reinforce family relationships or reflect on how to make your space more beautiful and harmonious.

Your MPL'beauty kit is the Beauty kit, with medicinal plants that take care of your skin on two self-care rituals: an infusion to drink quietly and some chocolates for when you feel like a treat. They follow the energy of the second half of the month well.


It's your season and the atmosphere is fun and celebrated! As much as you feel uncomfortable with the attention all turned to you, think about how you can use it to your advantage, to generate attention around your values ​​and what you believe. With the sun entering fish from the 18th, the important topics will be finance, security and comfort. The New Moon can bring new perspectives on your financial organization.

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Dreamy and sentimental by nature, the energy of Aquarius asks him to value rest and quality time in his company. Writing, meditating and taking care of yourself is all you should be doing this month. From the 18th, it enters your season and will feel revitalized and ready to make the most of it. You will feel more confident and ready for new restarts, as the new moon asks.

Your MPL'beauty kit is the Summer kit Puro Sol, to celebrate the fact that the sun is in fish and start preparing the skin for summer - you will be there in an open and close eye!