Horoscope 2024

Hello 2024! The New Year is there, and comes full of transformation, with the entry of Pluto in the constellation aquarium (innovation, yes!), Eclipses that bring profound changes to our relationships (ram/balance) and Jupiter (expansion) to be found With uranus (revolution) before changing sign, spreading magic through the sign of twins. All of these movements will impact our collective and personal life, bring new beginnings in different areas, depending on your astral chart. Believe it or not, look at the stars, embrace these changes and get ready for a new roller coaster, the year promises!

 Horoscope 2024


This is the year to get out of your comfort zone, dear native of Carneiro, especially with regard to your identity and relationships. The northern node of the moon continues to go through your house I, encouraging it to break free from what no longer matters (Karma, Karma!) And if it is resisting these changes, on April 8, an eclipse on April 8 Total on the axis Carneiro-Balança will give you this little push you need to start a new cycle. Jupiter and Uranus are in a rare conjunction in the Taurus sign, and this will impact your house II of the values. Perhaps it is the time to try a new attitude toward your finances, and get ready, because with uranium in the middle you can have good surprises in this sector. If you are not convinced, notice: Pluto in your X house, fame and success, will revolutionize the way the world sees it, so enjoy the wave and show your strength. Marking all year round, Jupiter's passage through twins will arouse the social butterfly in itself and increase its popularity: take advantage of this traffic to establish connections, make new friends and shine!

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2024 is the year to connect with your intuition, your instincts, and listen to your inner voice. Believe me that this voice will be your best ally in a time when it will be very open to experimentation, so enjoy it! The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus happens in its sign, and this magical meeting (which will be exactly April 20) will have a special impact on itself, opening new incredible opportunities, if you know how to enjoy. This year, Jupiter leaves the Taurus sign to enter twins. Don't be sad: In your II Home, this generous planet will bring a lot of expansion and abundance to your finances. For almost the entire month of May, the beautiful Venus, regent of his sign, will be in Taurus: enjoy these vibes to seduce and be enchanted.

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Welcome to Jupiter, the most benevolent of the planets, which makes its big entry into its sign on May 25 to be about two years. Take advantage of your energy and feel more inspired and radiant than ever, because in many ways this is your year. However, Saturn and Neptuno walk through his X house, imposing some limits, but also a fanciful and dreamy look on his ambitions. It is time to dream loudly and take advantage of Saturn's structuring force to establish deep intentions regarding your professional life and reputation. Pluto's entry into the humanitarian sign of Aquarius will affect his area of ​​wisdom, knowledge and travel. Get inspired and inspire the world with the communicative power of the Gemini!

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 Horoscope 2024


This year, it will look for the balance between social life and introspection. The shyness characteristic of your sign will be challenged during the first half of the year, with Jupiter and uranus to shake their home XI, the community and their friends. Take the opportunity to establish new transformative and enticing links, but save you some time. Then Jupiter's entry into twins in his XII house will make it more selective and introspective, while strengthening the ability to regenerate. The best moments for love will be in late February, mid -June (when Venus visits his sign) and early October. Enjoy them!

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What a year to shine, dear lion native! With Jupiter and Uranus in his house X, prestige and fame, during the first half of 2024, this is his moment to step on the stage and show his cards. Changes in this sector are expected, feel confident and embrace the new opportunities, carefully so that leonine pride does not go up to your head. In May, Jupiter enters twins, activating his house XI. It is the time to socialize and communicate, even more so when the Eclipses Carneiro-Balança will mess with their sector of expression and communication. In loving terms, Pluto's entry into aquarium, influencing your VII home, will bring transformations to your relationships. However, Saturn and Neptune, two planets with something contradictory energies will be in your VII home, which governs the money from others, but also sexuality. Between these two poles - realism and fantasy - will have to find balance. Listen to your intuition and impose boundaries whenever necessary, and everything will be well!

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During the first half of the year, Jupiter and Uranus will be in your home IX, of superior knowledge, philosophy and travel! Take advantage of this wave to expand your mind and perhaps even mark that trip that will open to you horizons and have been postponing. Then Jupiter enters twins in his X house, bringing his expansive energy to his reputation and professional life. Enjoy the impulse this movement brings! An area with a great focus this year will be that of relationships: Saturn and Neptune will be in their opposite sign of fish, activating their VII home. You will feel the need to structure your relationships, and perhaps even some limitations, but at the same time you will feel inflated by Pisces, very fluid, fanciful and dreamy energy. Between the real and the ideal, Virginian pragmatism will surely find balance.

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 Horoscope 2024



This is the year to show your talent and creativity, dear scale. Pluto's passage through his home will surface his hidden talents, and perhaps even some loving rash, because this is also the industry of true love. At the same time, the eclipses on the ram axis keep their deepest waters. This is the time to face your fears and show yourself as you want, affirming your identity and defining your relationships. With Saturn and Neptuno to energize their home VI, routines, work and health, taking care of oneself will be a priority to find the balance you want so much. Saturn will be precious to give some structure and put these routines into practice, while Neptuno shows his most therapeutic and restorative side.

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Prepare yourself, dear Scorpio, because 2024 is the year to love! The passage of Jupiter and Uranus through his home VII, during the first half of the year, will bring many opportunities and release to his relationships. Soon after, Jupiter enters twins, energizing his VIII house, eroticism and deep connections, which will accentuate his sexiest side. Another important traffic is that of Pluto, who enters the aquarium putting the transformative focus on the most intimate area of ​​his life: the family, his roots, and even his home (perhaps the right time to make those reforms). The Eclipses Season Carneiro-Balança will mess with your routines, and encourage it to take care of yourself, body, mind and spirit, in a more holistic and connected way.

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What an excellent year to get fit, dear Sagittarius! With Jupiter and uranus in your home of routines, fitness and health, during virtually the first half of the year, you will feel that energy and optimism to introduce changes and new super healthy habits in your daily life. Enjoy the impulse. Another focus area will be that of relationships: Jupiter's entry into twins will bring a huge expansion to this area of ​​his life, and at the same time the North Node, in Carneiro, activates his home of passions, romance and expression. This only happens once every 18 or 20 years, so follow your heart, and shoot all the arrows you have, after all, it's a Sagittarian!

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 Horoscope 2024


After 16 years in his sign, the great transformer, Pluto, finally advances to Aquarius, and this is great news to himself, dear Capricorn. By this time you will have learned your lesson, and after many transformations, it is ready to go on, safe and confident. During the first half of the year, the Maravilha Jupiter-Uranus duet will be in its passionate and creative House V. This traffic will inflate your creativity and create many opportunities to shine, also professionally, in the good way of the ambitious Capricorn woman. This is a year of great activity and expansion in your area of ​​routines and health: Jupiter in twins, in your home VI, will bring all the energy to focus on your well-being. Already feel the energy?

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If there is a sign that will feel the transformative vibes of Pluto is yours, dear Aquarian! The only constant in this life is change, and this will be especially true to you from this year, with the entry of Pluto, the great revolutioner, in your sign, where you will pass-prepare-the next two decades! And what does this mean? Basically it has an unmissable opportunity to arouse hidden parts of your personality, and lead your life in the direction that really makes sense. However, this year Jupiter enters twins, activating his home of creativity and passions: great time to show his talent and find love. One sector to be careful this year is finance: there is some duality in their relationship with money this year, with Saturn and Neptune, both in fish, to bring some limitations, and confusion to this area. This year also invites her to cultivate relationships with the nearest people - neighbors and brothers - while thinking about the outside world, or not to the Aquarian the humanitarian of the zodiac. From spring, Eclipses in Carneiro-Balança will activate this axis of your life, motivating it to introduce small changes capable of changing the world!

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Saturn continues to walk through his sign, dear fish, bringing some weight and responsibilities to his life. But don't despair! Saturn's role is to put order in chaos, and we all need some structure in our lives. Saturn also brings consistency and solidity, so take advantage of this energy to stabilize where it takes. However, Pluto's entry into aquarium, one of the most impactful transits of the year, will activate their XII house, where the poenas feel very good, because they governs the imagination, the subconscious and spirituality. Deepen your side with Pluto's transforming power. But not everything is spirituality: Eclipses in the 2024 ram will move their house II, linked to all that is material, and at the other extreme, house VIII, which rules eroticism, among other things. It's time to explore your most sensual side, diving at the same time into the deepest and most transformative connections. How wonderful!

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