Henna: How to use and what is

How to dye your hair with henna?

Painting your hair is one of those sensitive themes that leaves many women doubtful when it comes to natural options. Will it work?

If you have been embracing a natural routine when it comes to your hair, painting it with chemical paint will destroy everything you have achieved. Therefore, our advice is to try henna!

If you have questions or fears about the process, don't worry! You will find in this post everything you need to know about how to use henna, the natural color that not only dye your hair, but also the Strengthens and stimulates growth without releasing any kind of chemicals on your scalp.

What is henna?

Henna is one of the oldest natural pigments, obtained from the inermly Lawsonia plant. The leaves, once dried, are crushed to a thin powder that, mixed with a liquid (water or tea) can be used as a totally natural color. In the case of our henna, we have a mixture of several other plants and roots (always 100% natural and biological certificates - by the Ecocert cosmos) that will help reach the color that most resembles yours.


Henna Benefits

In addition to the ability to dye your hair naturally, henna has several benefits to our hair. It stimulates its growth and natural brightness, unlike conventional paints, which make hair more fragile and guys. It is ideal for soothing annoyed hairy leathers, thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. It is a great option for those who allergies to chemical inks. Balances scalp pH and excessive oil production. Henna contains no parabens, ammonia, alcohol or synthetic fragrances, chemical ingredients present in conventional paints that damage hair. Remember that everything you put in your hair is quickly absorbed by hair follicles, rapidly entering our bloodstream, hence it is important to choose natural ingredients.


How to use henna?

Choose to apply henna to dry hair on a day when you haven't washed it - the last washing it is ideal for two days.

What you will need:
- A cup to make the mixture
- A hairdresser brush
- A towel (which does not mind dirty)
- Towel (which doesn't care if dirty) or a bath cap
- Your favorite henna + a liquid to form the folder
- Extra hands to help (not mandatory, but it makes it easy!)

  1. Choose the color you prefer - Dark brown, Clove, Loiro or Black. You can also mix different "colors" to get to the tone you are looking for!

  2. Mix henna with hot water - here we use tea, helps to "get better". Black tea for dark hair and chamomile for light. The ideal ratio is 3 tablespoons for 3/4 cup of liquid.

  3. The mixture has to have a Greek yogurt consistency - it does not want it too liquid, so as not to drain, or too thick, so that you can apply well. It can always adjust consistency, with more liquid or more henna.

Tip: *If you are looking for a dark color, try gather a teaspoon of coffee. If you are looking for a clearer tone, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric. These are tricks that we have learned from our Indian community that has been using henna for centuries and conforms the brightness and strength it brings to your hair.

  1. Separate your hair into different parts, brushing each with the mixture you have prepared from the root to the ends. Or if it is just to cover the white ones you can apply directly only to the top of the hair. 

  2. Secure the hair with a spring. Wrap in a towel, don't worry that henna comes out on the towel - here we use a gray and never dyed. You can also opt for a cap and then put the towel. Wait 2 hours if you have dark hair, or between 30 minutes to 1 hour if you have light hair.

  3. After that time, wash The hair, we advised two passages of shampoo followed by conditioner. 

Answers to FAQS about henna 

  • If you usually paint with conventional paints you can use henna without any problem.
  • No, henna doesn't make it with orange hair, unless you wanted to use a copy and that's the color you want.
  • The hair does not fall for using henna, quite the contrary, it gets stronger and shiny since the henna mixture works as a super nutritious mask for the hair.
  • My whites were not covered ... What happens is that the hair should be full of silicones, due to hair products, conventional shampoos, chemical paints etc. It may not take the first one but we guarantee that it always ends up "catching" and is much better than before.
  • Get out with washes? No, henna doesn't go out with the washes. It is a myth, what happens is that the whites begin to grow and it is necessary to paint again as a conventional chemical paint.
  • Mix more than a tone? We advise you to choose 2 colors and make a mixture to get a more natural air and similar to its natural color, unless it really wanted a fixed color.
  • Do I really have to wait for 2 hours? At the beginning to "take" right. But as your hair gets used to it and if it is just covering the white to appear, you can try less time to see if it pays so well. There are those who only need 1 hour.
  • Use in pregnancy? Perfect for those who want to dye their hair and are pregnant, as conventional paints go straight into the blood with chemicals that we don't want much less for the developing baby. Henna, as is composed of 100% natural ingredients and biological certificates can and should be used by pregnant women.

Being a natural pigment, you may have to make some attempts until you find the color that "grabs" better to your hair. But don't give up! The hair gets used to it. You will see that after feeling your hair brighter, bulky and healthy, the whole process will be worth it!