From the inside out with Caetana Afonso

If you already follow the Caetana Afonso On social networks, she knows she loves some sunglasses and that fashion and travel are her passion. Today you can know her better and understand how this colorful young man and cool, "nourishes" your creativity daily.


Caetana Afonso - Being


Sign: Crab, Ascendant in Leo 

Seasons: Spring

a Collor: Orange 

a book: The interpretation of dreams, Freud

film: Pretty Woman 

a song: We are the world

An object: table 

Favorite Favorite in the world: I can't just elect one, but Hold No doubt it is a very special place 

Caetana Afonso - Create


Who and what inspires you? My family especially and my hard core of friends. Also, everything around me every day. 

What do you still need to create? A lot I think but, no doubt I really want to create a clothing brand of mine :)

How to maintain creativity: I think creativity is always in constant progress and change. I don't know the key to maintaining but I would say that to stimulate, perhaps to be quite observant and try to get out of the comfort zone many times. I would say the key to creativity is to risk it.

Caetana Afonso - Living


First thing to do when you wake up: Drink a glass of water with lemon 

‌ How to relax at the end of the day: a good shower 

‌A place to turn off: my house

‌ Preferred Physical Physical Exercise: gymnasium 

‌ How do you discharge the stress? Usually in the gym or running with the music very high

A woman who inspires you: my maternal grandmother

Caetana Afonso - Nutrir

‌A your ideal diet is… a balanced diet. I always try to hear my body and try to nourish it as best I can. 

What do you always have in the fridge: kiwi and eggs 

SAVING RECIPE: tomato salad and mozzarella 

‌Bebin favorite: water 

‌Snack favorite: yogurt with granola and fruit

‌Readed Restoration: Difficult question but perhaps Barn or Xxl 

‌Beaded Kitchen Book: I confess that I do not remember any. Maybe the Inês Simas related to raw foods.

Caetano Afonso - Care


Beauty icon: Gisele Bündchen 

‌A Piece of Essential Clothing: Ganga Pants + White Embroidered Shirt 

Product MPL'beauty favorite: Detox drops and the coffee 

‌ How do you feel more beautiful? I think I'm a very simple person and I feel beautiful natural. I don't usually use make up and try to treat as much as possible from my skin. We all have our days, which is part but a general rule I like myself :)