Have you exfoliated your skin today?

We don't get tired of saying: exfoliation It is one of the most important steps to maintain healthy, beautiful and 100% prepared to receive hydration care that this beauty ritual follows. 

In addition to being one of our favorite self-care ritual (it is true, self-care can be as simple as taking a few minutes in the shower!), exfoliation Allows you to remove dead cells, making the skin consequently cleaner, radiant and healthy. 

We created four types of exfoliating That promise to do that: when used once once a week, these 100% natural and formulated with the best biological ingredients will make your skin much more hydrated, firm and luminous! 

In this text we will tell you all about our exfoliatorsso you can find out which perfect for you! 


If you want to stimulate the shine of your skin… use our radiant SHINES

With its incredible grains in shades of pink and a delicate aroma to which it is impossible to be indifferent, the Exfoliator shines It's one of our Must-Have Favorites for exfoliating, moisturizing and illuminating the skin, leaving it smooth and full of shine! 

An irresistible care that combines the benefits of coconut, ideal for retaining moisture in the skin, maintaining its firmness and elasticity, minimizing brands and assisting in the healing process, with pink petals, which provide softness and hydration. 


If you need to relax… finish the day with a good dose of RELAX 

Return to the city and work can often be synonymous with more moments of stress and accumulated tension: and this is where our Relax comes into action. 

With lavender, known for its soothing benefits, and magnesium, which helps stabilize humor spikes, relieve stress and increase serotonin production (the famous “hormone” of happiness), this exfoliator is the ideal care to reassure body and mind . It helps relax muscles, relieves daily stress and accumulated tension, detoxify the skin and moisturizes deeply: there is no shortage of reasons to introduce it into your routine! 

Super tip MPL: Knew that the Exfoliate Relaxe Can it also be used as bath salts? Just add 6 to 8 tablespoons in a bathtub with warm water and enjoy an immersion bath. To make this moment even more relaxing, follow your bath with a cup of tea from our beauty infusion. We promise you will love it. 


If you are looking for extra help in combating cellulite… the Awake It is the exfoliator for you 

For radiant and firm skin, we created a coffee biological and plum kakadu to which it is impossible to resist: our Awakeideal for increasing elasticity and firmness, promoting regeneration and collagen production, visibly decrease cellulite and paying attention to pigmentation. 

Its ingredients are a true source of benefits - while coffee helps to give the skin firmly and attentive scars and stretch marks, the powerful Kakadu plum, super rich in vitamin C, helps combat aging and power the hydration and shine of the skin. Absolutely irresistible! 


If your skin needs to recover from solar damage… Introduce the Stimulate in your routine 

Composed by Matcha, a super ingredient rich in antioxidants that helps rejuvenate the skin and neutralize UV ​​damage, and coconut milk, ideal for softening and moisturizing, the Exfoliate stimulates It's a favorite of the MPL'beauty community: and for good reasons! 

In addition to having a delicious citrus aroma, this care makes the skin incredibly hydrated and soft after exfoliation - and there is nothing that compares to that velvety touch we love so much to feel, true? The ideal mixture to use in this post-summer, the exfoliator stimulates is also ideal for recovering from sun damage, stimulating the shine of the skin and leaving the more uniform and bright complexion.