Ginger shots

Everywhere that eye are built -up people, sore throat etc ..

Fruit of the season I know ..But however if we helped our body strengthen its natural immunityL I believe we got rain ;)

Here is the only recipe you will need to stay healthy these last months before spring comes.

Ginger shots

Makes 8 to 12 shots

1 orange

1 tangerine

1 lime

1 piece of ginger, without shell (around 5cms)

2 teaspoons of IMMUNITY

water qb


Cut the orange, tangerine and lime into pieces. Put on the blender.

Add the ginger and 2 tablespoons of the mixture immunity.

Cover with plenty of water - the mixture must be submerged a good 4 fingers above. Beat.

Pass the mixture through a strainer to a jar. Divide into shot bottles or a bottle that can go to the refrigerator. Drink, the rest keep in the refrigerator up to 4 days. 

* As you will use the fruit bark I advise to use biological fruit, as many of the toxins are hurryed in the shell.