From the inside out with Rita Rodrigues

Here we are fans of Rita Rodrigues for many years .. even before getting married. Her love for kitchen made her in the journalist easier to talk ever (for me of course).

I hope you enjoy knowing you better inside out Many tips and good things!







A Collor:

A book: 
The little Prince, Saint-Exupéry

'Big hopes'

A song:
Wicked Games, Chris Isaak

‌ A podcast:

An object: mobile phone, connected with everyone and the world.

Favorite place in the world:
There is a beach where I go with my husband and my daughters every year and we stayed there three weeks and, year after year, we saw happier from there than we went. I can say that I live the 11 months of the year waiting for those three weeks. Time stops, there are no clocks, we only have the essential routines. The air is purer and we breathe deeper. Everything is softer, slower and more beautiful. 





Who and what inspires you? Stories of brave and courageous people who dare to think differently or simply not cross their arms in the face of conformism. And today the media and social networks show us so many cases of people. Your overcoming is undoubtedly an inspiration for myself to overcome me.

What do you still need to create? All. Life is a notebook full of white leaves. I still have so much to do, so many places to know, so many things to see. My greatest creations were undoubtedly my daughters, and observing their growth is a privilege of life. But I also want to see how I evolve myself. What challenges is that the universe has reserved for me and how I will live them. But I want it to be a process of enjoyment, without hurry. I don't have a 'to the list'. I want to live every step.

How to maintain creativity: With open arms and boundless horizons, without preconceptions or pre-judges just wanting to experiment. As we grow up we are more scattered by the responsibility. We have to challenge us to get out of the box to do different things and get results that surprise us to ourselves.




First thing to do when you wake up: Take a deep breath, stretch and drink water.

How to relax at the end of the day: disconnect from work and news and dedicate myself to the family. Listen to what my daughters have to tell. Talk to my husband. Cook for everyone.

A place to turn off:
My couch, where I can read, watch movies and series or just do nothing.

Preferred physical exercise:
Yoga and Running.

How to discharge the stress:
With a race, with yoga, with meditation.

A woman who inspires you:
My mother, for the woman who has always been, for the example she always transmitted to me from a worker, competent, professional, dedicated and demanding with herself. But at the same time as a mother attentive, always present, very intuitive and accomplice, which communicates more with the look than with words.




Your ideal diet is… diverse. Each time I convince myself more than eating a little of everything, without depriving myself anything, more guarantees that I will not dive into a candy bag to compensate for any needy.

What do you always have in the fridge:
Pounds of fruit because at home we all love and eat fruit all the time. And in the vegetable drawer never lacks garlic, courgette and carrot.

Salted vegetables, which go well with everything ... pasta, couscous, lettuce. And if you need a more nourishing element I can always put on a poached egg that gives no work and still gives a full effect to the plate.

Favorite drink:
Nothing quenches me like the water, nothing comforts me like coffee.

Preferred snack:
A well -cooked roll and no crumb.

Favorite Restaurant:
I can't resist a good Italian restaurant.

Favorite kitchen books:
with many stains of food and fingerprints, those of Mafalda Pinto LeiteObviously, with practical, economical, fast, delicious recipes to repeat and repeat even know by color.





Beauty icon: Julianne Moore

An essential piece of clothing:

What is not lacking in your beauty routine:
As every day I take with immense make -up, for me the most important is a good moisturizer to prepare the skin to receive all those extras and then a thorough weakening, which does not leave a trace of base, mascara or shadow. And always sunscreen.

Product MPL'beauty favorite:
I can't decide between the smell of Salt and Lavender Exfoliator and the purifying effect of Detox drops.

How do you feel more beautiful?
I have already been made by some of the most talented Portuguese makeups, but the feeling after a yoga class and meditation is the one that makes me feel more bright and more beautiful. A glow that comes from within and radiates out.