From the inside out with Patricia Pereira


How to introduce you to my great friend Patricia?!

For those who do not know, it is the face, energy and soul behind Vintage bazaar, Brand I use for so many years ... I can say that I am one of the “vintage” vb girls;)

Our story is cute. I always bought Vintage Bazaar clothes, liked everything that was. The brand was national and even close to home in Santo Amaro de Oeiras. It was other times, and with another kitchen book coming out and a lot of TV appearances, I decided to risk and contact the brand directly to find out if they could support me. And I can say that there are more than 10 years of a partnership, with much respect, friendship and affection.

What did not count was that I would like the owner so much (and all the wonderful women who are or passed there). Patricia for me is the supreme of inspiration. It is the entrepreneur that I amgan to be and is the one I turn on when I need some help in terms of business. He is a friend who always supported me in the good and bad heights. He has always been by my side and, very honestly, I don't know if I would have been able to overtake some precarious if it weren't for his unconditional friendship.

I love her story. As through her inner strength she got everything she has. You can read more about your route here. If there is a woman with "M" big is undoubtedly my friend Patricia ❤ I hope you enjoy getting to know you better!

 From the inside out with Patricia Pereira


Sign: Balance

Seasons: Fall

A Collor: I don't have. I have phases. I like all colors.

A book: The candles burn to the end, from Sándor Marai

Film: Anyone with the Meryl Streep. But if you have to choose one, I choose the KRAMMER VS. Krammer.

A song: Gravity, from John Mayer

A podcast: The beauty of little things, Bernardo Mendonça

An object: Pen

Favorite place in the world: VICENTIN COSTA


Who and what inspires you? They inspire me people and their unique lives, sincere affections, the courage to risk, the ability to value and verbalize those around us - and love, always.

What do you still need to create? I have no idea. Creativity is mostly a spontaneous and unpredictable process. The restlessness is part of me.

How to maintain creativity: Being active, open, curious and, above all, knowing that creativity comes without pressures or expectations, without labels, or criteria. 


From the inside out with Patricia Pereira



First thing to do when you wake up: I love to start the day to practice yoga

How to relax at the end of the day: A glass of red wine to the fireplace

A place to turn off: In front of the sea

Preferred physical exercise: To walk 

How to discharge the stress: High music, preferably good rock and dance as if no one is seeing. With luck you also shout the lyrics.

A woman who inspires you: So many, really immense. I have a deep admiration for the incredibly powerful strength of women. My mother is one of the women I admire the most.

From the inside out with Patricia Pereira


Your ideal diet is…: Mediterranean.

What do you always have in the fridge: Eggs, cheeses, salad and fruit.


Favorite drink: Mint tea, ginger and lemon. And wine.

Preferred snack: Nuts.

Favorite Restaurant: Pont'a foot, in Aljezur

Favorite kitchen books: Of Ottolenghi

From the inside out with Patricia Pereira


Beauty icon: My mother and my grandmother.

An essential piece of clothing: Jeans

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: Hydrate the body.

Product MPL'beauty favorite: I'm really a fan of SERRANS, of Sea Body Oil It's from REGENERATOR REGARNER BALLSAMO It's from misleading

How do you feel more beautiful? To give the best of me.

From the inside out with Patricia Pereira