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De Dentro Para Fora com Graça Paz

From the Inside Out with Graça Paz

I'm a woman in my 50s, artist who lives in a village in the north of Portugal after 45 years living in my hometown of Porto. I'm passionate about color, books, plants, comfort, discipline, organization, studying and rural life. I'm intense, very resilient and thoughtful (characteristics that at first I mistakenly called... slow!!). I love silence and solitude when properly balanced. I'm tall, and I have lots of freckles!

From the Inside Out with Graça Paz


Sign Pisces rising in Taurus

Season Autumn

A color Very intuitive, linked to the moment you are going through.

A book Saving Time by Jenny Odellthe re-learning of the sense of time is my moment.

A movie The Pontes of Madison County

A song Hotel California by the Eagles

A podcast The RobCast from Rob Bell, I never miss one!!!

An object My new bookcase. A project that has been years in the making.

Favorite place in the world São Paio de Antas and Castro Laboreiro.

From the Inside Out with Graça Paz


Who and what inspires you? Women artists who spend their lives quietly doing their work and are discovered at 80 are always very inspiring stories. Constantly learning.

What do you still have to create? Building a house of my own (I've already built a double).

How to stay creative Never stop going to the studio, but also moments of quiet and emptiness.

From the Inside Out with Grace Peace


First thing to do when you wake up Go see the sea

How to relax at the end of the day This year, sitting watching the sunset on my terrace, and before lying down under the starry sky in the same chair.

A place to switch off My room and going up to Castro Laboreiro

Favorite physical exercise Swimming

How to release stress Walking and meditation

A woman who inspires you Elisabeth Kubler Ross

From the Inside Out with Grace Peace


Your ideal diet is... Simple, as simple as possible

What you always have in the fridge Marine butter

Dinner saver recipe I don't eat dinner most of the time

Favorite drink Water with lemon

Favorite snack Chocolate

Favorite restaurant Tiro at platein São Paio de Antas, Rita Fangueira in Fão, Tasquinha Cchurch in Castro Laboreiro.

Favorite cookbooks The scissorsCooking scissorsnheirasI have a very old one. And the booksros of a lady called Mafalda Pinto Leite.

From the Inside Out with Graça Paz


Icon of beauty Any woman who is authentic and lives her integrity. Benedetta Barzini.

An essential piece of clothing: Good sneakers

What's not missing from your beauty routine Regenerate and L'amour by Kenzo for many years.

Favorite MPL'beauty product Regenera. Of all the products I've used, this is my favorite!

How do you feel prettier? When I sleep well, and when I'm doing something that excites me. Smiling.

From the Inside Out with Grace Peace