From the inside out with Carolina Queiroz Cunha

Interior designer and artist, Carolina Queiroz Cunha He always had an eye for the visually appealing. Before starting in interior design studies, he graduated in Social Communication. He sees the combination of interior design and communication strategy, as the ideal combination in the creative process of his work as a designer and artist. He believes that the fundamental objective in the conception of a space or a picture is to communicate a message through art. Majoriously inspired by the coastal nature, Carolina creates works of art full of subliminal meaning.

From the inside out with Carolina Queiroz Cunha


Sign: Fish

Seasons: Summer!

A Collor: White

A book: The Practice of Seth Godin

Film: The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. My family enjoys me a lot for enjoying piroso novels. But this one is not pierra, I promise! I love the story and, the house of the film, is a work of art.

A song: Robie Williams Angels

A podcast: THE DIARY OF THE CEO from Steven Bartlett

An object: One of the Greek eyes against the bad look I have for the house!

Favorite place in the world: Santa Carolina Island in Mozambique.

From the inside out with Carolina Queiroz Cunha


Who and what inspires you? In my work, I am very inspired by nature. 

What do you still need to create? So many things! I loved to have the ability to create everything that has ever crossed my mind.

How to maintain creativity? Originality. I believe the creative process develops much better when we do something that goes out of our mind and heart, rather than trying to copy or follow a trend. 

From the inside out with Carolina Queiroz Cunha


First thing to do when you wake up: I stopped drinking coffee and I have drunk green tea as soon as I wake up. In the last days I changed for Matcha Latte MPL and I am worshiping!

How to relax at the end of the day: A hot shower

A place to turn off: Beach

Preferred physical exercise: Pilates 

How to discharge the stress: Cycling

A woman who inspires you: My mother inspires me and strong, determined and confident women.

From the inside out with Carolina Queiroz Cunha


Your ideal diet is… Balanced and varied! 

What do you always have in the fridge: Carrots

SAVING RECIPE: SAVATARES IS UBER EATS! With more time I love to make eggplant and tuna lasagna. 

Favorite drink: To meals drink (almost) always water. Out of the routine I appreciate a good wine!

Preferred snack: Dry fruits

Favorite Restaurant: Meste Zé At the winch because I've been there for many years and has the best cataplan in the world. 

Favorite kitchen books: I don't have. Unfortunately I am used to researching on the internet, but I accept suggestions!

From the inside out with Carolina Queiroz Cunha


Beauty icon: Dakota Johnson

An essential piece of clothing: Ganga Pants and White T-Shirt

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: Drink a lot of water, be a It is moisturizer facial. I am very curious with the Radiant kit!

Product MPL'beauty favorite: I am addicted to lipsticks, lip moisturizers, etc! I bought the Lip mask and the Lip Balm From MPL for a while in a market and I loved it for not having chemical flavors. I always look for the most natural lip moisturizer and MPL are just that! I am also very fond of using the eye roll

How do you feel more beautiful? When I'm happy and I feel confident. :))))