Post-Holiday Detox: The End of Excesses


Going on vacation is wonderful, but getting back into the routine can be tough, both physically and mentally. It's normal for your body to feel confused on your return and for it to have a hard time adjusting after so much time away. dolce far niente.

If you've traveled by plane for many hours, if you've completely changed your waking, sleeping and eating times, if you've overeaten and if you've exercised less than usual... it's more than expected that your return will bring some challenges. For this reason, and also because the start of another season is approaching, it makes sense to to resume or create habits that leave us feeling more balanced and lighter. Here are our tips!

 Detox ritual


1. Start the day with Detox Drops

You can expect to feel the excesses of the vacations as soon as you get back into your usual routine. If you feel some abdominal bloating and slower digestion, try starting your day with Detox Drops. Two to four drops in a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Chlorophyll helps the body to detoxify naturally and boosts metabolism, so that the body functions better during the day. Try it for at least one to three months to see the difference.


2. Sunlight, movement, meditation & writing

It's very important for the body to realize that it's time to wake up and one of the best ways to do this is to receive direct sunlight, as this puts you in tune with your natural circadian rhythms. Also take the opportunity to move around (you can simply stretch your whole body or do some stretches) and, if you have time - and it can only be 5 minutes - do a quick meditation. If you like, write down some thoughts or intentions for the day in a notebook. All of this may sound corny or like an idyllic routine you only see in magazines, but it's really just a matter of creating a few minutes for yourself and realizing how much calmer it makes you for the start of a new day.

3. Protein shake

It's normal to come back from vacation feeling more cravings during the day, because we've allowed ourselves a few more exceptions and now our bodies are used to other stimuli, whether it's more sugar or fat. A good way to combat this feeling is to start the day with a good breakfast, which leaves you feeling satiated with everything you need. One of main ingredients for this to happen is the protein - and can choose the one that best suits your needs. All our proteins are plant-based and bioavailable and enriched with plants and adaptogens for more fiber, vitamins and energy. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs:

Super Feminine Protein, to support the hormonal and digestive systems
Pure Beauty Protein, to reduce inflammation and stimulate skin elasticity
Super Hair Protein, to reduce and prevent hair loss (especially if your hair gets weaker after the summer!)
Pure Energy Protein, for more energy and physical and mental stamina.
Creativity Protein, for a boost in concentration, memory, good mood and energy.

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Detox ritual 

4. Stimulate the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is one of the main systems for cleansing and expelling accumulated toxins. When the movement of lymph is stagnant, we notice differences in other systems, whether it's slower intestinal transit, more inflamed skin or a weaker immune system. It's important to stimulate this movement and one of the best ways to do that is with the body brushideally in the morning, before showering, always with a dry body. You don't have to do it every day if you feel you don't always have time, but try to incorporate this routine more and more into your week. It's also great for improving the texture and elasticity of the skin, and for lightly exfoliating it. - something super important post-holiday, to try and perpetuate the tan :)

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5. End the day with an adaptogenic drink

Create an end-of-day ritual with a cozy drink. Simply mix 1 teaspoon Calma or Immunity in a cup of your favorite hot milk (if you blend it in a blender you get that wonderful foam!). Formulated with medicinal plants and adaptogens, these blends support your body in slowing down, calm your mind and even help you prepare for your night's sleep. Choose the Calm if you love the taste of cocoa, or the Immunityif you prefer a golden lattewith turmeric and spices. Both are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and, what's more, the flavors are so delicious that they almost seem like a dessertand that's why can help combat the usual post-holiday cravings.

6. Relaxing exfoliation

If nothing relaxes you more than a bath at the end of the day, then get ready because the experience can be improved with the Relax scrub. Salt and lavender oil are highly relaxing for muscles and nervesin addition to leaving the skin super soft. You can make it even more indulgent with a bath and use the scrub as a bath salt.

Sleep ritual


7. No screens before you go to sleep!

It's normal to come back from vacation more excited and less focused, and screens and social media are a kind of escape from what we don't want to do (like organizing things or admitting that we have to go back to work). But, especially before bed, it's important to avoid contact with screens - at least in the two hours before bedtime. Instead, read a book or do some manual work. Anything you enjoy that doesn't involve screens, as blue light affects our sleep rhythms too much and makes it even harder to get back into a routine. If you feel that falling asleep isn't coming easily when you return to your routine, try the Sleep Drops, with calming medicinal plants to help you fall into a peaceful and truly restorative sleep. And try lighting the Holy Stick in your home and bedroom, as the aroma and calming energy it transmits can help you sleep better.