September Horoscope

Ready to start another season? The September horoscope is here to shed some light on the month of new beginnings!

September marks the end of Venus Retrograde. The planet will enter Leo, showering the month with freedom, pleasure and fun. On the other hand, Jupiter will be retrograde in Taurus, which will bring a slower energy to life. Take the opportunity to reflect and plan - the New Moon in Virgo on September 14 will also be great for this. Remember that the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, also marking the equinox, when day and night are equal. Everything here is about balance! The month ends with a Full Moon in Aries on the 29th, with the sign's intensity and fire bringing your strongest desires and passions into play. It's time to harness the energy to go after them!


September Horoscope


Routine, schedules and getting back to work - this is your focus this month, especially in the second half, with the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th. If you've been putting off getting new, healthy habits into your life, this could be the right time to incorporate them without giving up halfway through. What's more, with the end of Venus' retrograde motion, it's normal for your love life to become more stable and pleasurable, and for you to feel free to ask for exactly what you need. The Full Moon in your sign on the 29th brings September to a close, giving you the opportunity to manifest what you want most and put all your energy into the best achievements in your life!

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After Venus, your planet, has been retrograde for what seems like decades, it's a relief to start the month knowing that it's over and that, in the realm of pleasure and fun, you'll be looser! Things get better in the middle of the month, with the end of Mercury Retrograde (on the 15th) and a New Moon in Virgo, a sign of the same element as yours (Earth) - the perfect conjugation for planning new adventures and channeling the energy needed to make them happen. Even though you are a more cautious sign, you may feel that everything is aligned for you to take some risks. The equinox on the 23rd brings the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter together in your sign, making the first day of fall full of motivation. The Full Moon in Aries focuses on one of the most complex houses, the 12th, of the deepest emotions and experiences, so remember to take some time for yourself, with a special self-care routine.

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It's normal to feel that the month is starting slowly. After all, Mercury, your planet, will be retrograde until the middle of the month. Accept the impasses, the slow pace and the misunderstandings. Take the opportunity to surround yourself with people who make you feel comfortable and cared for, and with whom you can share your true self, as the season season emphasizes your home and family life. It's normal to feel some nostalgia coming on and to feel like reminiscing about the past. Family albums at your grandparents' house? Go for it! The equinox will bring together the Sun in Libra and Mars, the sign of passion and desire, so it's natural to feel an instinct to seek pleasure and fun in various facets of life. This energy culminates in the Full Moon, and here we advise you to enjoy it in a group, with friends with whom you can share laughter and ideas.

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September HoroscopeCrab

Although Mercury is retrograde until the middle of the month, focusing precisely on your house of communication, this energy changes on September 14, with the New Moon in Virgo. New ideas, conversations (good ones), creativity flowing - the second half of the month will be prolific and ideal for going after anything that Mercury Retrograde has made you miss. The equinox will bring the Sun in Libra together with Mars in the house of home and family, creating the right time to take care of your space and make it the perfect place to relax. The end of the month, with the Full Moon in Aries shining in your 10th house (of career and public image), could bring some dynamism to this area of your life. Take advantage of it and, more than ever, find the sweet balance between work and private life. One supports the other.

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The month begins with the end of a long Venus Retrograde in your sign. If this transit has made you re-evaluate your self and your beliefs, now is the time to show yourself to the world with redoubled confidence and lessons learned. Take advantage of the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th to start new steps, especially in the financial area, also taking advantage of Mercury Retrograde ending the following day. With the entry into season of Libra, the Sun in Mars and Mercury "back", your communicative and social side will be in the spotlight - almost as if the summer hadn't ended! The Full Moon in Aries also asks you to give in to impulses and the fun side of life. Everything seems to be lining up for a busy month!

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The start of the month is bright and confident, were it not for the Sun still shining in your sign. That's not to say that, with Mercury Retrograde, there isn't room for moments of greater introspection (also very typical when we take another turn around the Sun). The New Moon in your sign (on the 14th) is undoubtedly a special moment. Visualize what you want, so that everything seems clearer as soon as Mercury, your planet, returns to normal movement the very next day.

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September Horoscope


It's your birthday! Mars' energy will be in your sign all month, giving you that motivation and confidence to do basically anything you want. The beginning of the month marks the end of the retrograde movement of your planet, Venus. You may feel more confident and comfortable in your social roles. In the first two weeks of September, with Mercury retrograde and the Sun still in Virgo, it is your 12th house that is activated by both, so taking care of yourself, especially mentally, is essential - and the night of the New Moon is perfect for this. The month ends on a high note, with the Sun in your sign and a Full Moon in fiery Aries, an opportunity to align yourself even more with your values and draw some boundaries within the commitments of your relationships.

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The Sun in Virgo and Mercury Retrograde are focusing on the area of friendships and partnerships. If, on the one hand, there's a lot going on, on the other, there's also plenty of room for extra challenges and misunderstandings on a communicative level. Take advantage of the New Moon to reflect on how welcomed and empowered you feel in your community and the second half of the month to clean up less positive relationships. The equinox will bring some need for recollection, aligning with the autumnal energy and just in time to prepare for your seasonnext month. The Full Moon in Aries will be a great opportunity to adjust the energy spent between obligations and pleasure, creating more time for yourself.

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The Sun in Virgo makes your career and work shine, but you may feel the need to make extra efforts to counteract the wave of Mercury Retrograde. What's more, your planet, Jupiter, will also be retrograde from September 4, which could bring up questions about how you deal with your routines, your well-being, work and the energy you give to others. Take advantage of the New Moon to redirect your energies towards the conclusions you can draw on these issues, taking advantage of the end of Mercury Retrograde and its delays in the flow of life. As soon as the seasonof Libra begins, you will feel more inclined to collaborate with others, as well as to socialize with friends, especially in the final stretch of the month, with the Full Moon in Aries.

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September Horoscope


It's possible that Mercury Retrograde is making you question everything and everyone and bewildered about your goals and path. But the end of this transit, in conjunction with the New Moon on the 14th, brings you an opportunity to manifest any change you feel is necessary. Listen to your intuition and make a plan! The Autumnal Equinox puts the Sun shining precisely in your career sector, and courageous Mars is also prominent in your chart, so you should take advantage of the second half of the month to go for it! Abundance, creativity, energy and initiative. You have everything you need for great achievements!

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Mercury Retrograde and the Sun in Virgo could be making you rehash unresolved situations from the past. You should try to avoid your shadows and face them head on, so that you can create new beginnings - and the New Moon will be the ideal transition from self-reflection to affirmation. What awaits you is more lightness and freedom! Taking advantage of the Sun's entry into Libra, a sign of your element (Air), you will feel more comfortable and inspired to embark on new adventures and ways of thinking. It goes hand in hand with the typical inspiration that the start of a new season always gives us.

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It's possible that Mercury Retrograde could be bringing some drama into your relationships, but try not to take everything too seriously and personally. The New Moon will be a good time to turn pages in disagreements and make new decisions. Your planet, Neptune, is very influential this month, so watch out for that dreamy head! Try to maintain some clarity and realism. The equinox could make you delve into your most mysterious world, facing secrets and shame, and all the layers that make up close relationships. Take advantage of the Full Moon for a special anti-drama treat, as it shines on your financial sector. Looks like you'll need it!

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