DDPF Joana Duarte Kitchenette

Joana Duarte is the founder of Kitchenette, a project with two aspects: on the one hand, a marketing agency for brands in the world of cooking and, on the other, a pop-up kitchenborrowed from various chefs and projects that jump out at you.

From the delicious food, to the photos and even the super cool graphics, everything conveys fun (which is also needed in a job) and dedication. Joana finds potential in the world of cooking and we are all lucky enough to be able to see it at Kitchnette events. I thought she would be a great guest for this week's Inside Out!



Sign: Taurus!

Season of the year: Spring ;)

One color: Pink.

A book: Deborah Levy - Things I don't want to know.

A movie: Donnie Darko.

A song: Flagra - Rita Lee.

A podcast: Radio Cherry Bombe.

An object: Notebook.

Favorite place in the world: Home.



Who and what inspires you? Women entrepreneurs

What do you still need to create? A job that gives me joy but also more peace!

How to maintain creativity: Kepp looking sideways!


First thing to do when you wake up: Drink 2 glasses of warm water.

How to relax at the end of the day: Drink a nice cold imperial!

A place to switch off: Mount West Coast.

Favorite physical exercise: Spinning at Studiorise.

How you discharge stress: In food :/

A woman who inspires you: Sophia Roe.


Your ideal diet is... Salads, greens, sausages, fruit, juices.

What you always have in the fridge: Ham and burrata!

Dinner-saving recipe: Oven-roasted vegetables with a cold meat to go with it.

Favorite drink: Kombucha.

Favorite snack: Bananas!

Favorite restaurant: Kitchenette Pop Up Café ;)

Favorite cookbook: Cherry Bombe - The cookbook.



Icon of beauty: Kate Moss.

A wardrobe essential: Jeans.

What's not missing from your beauty routine: Sunscreen.

Favorite MPL'beauty product: Body scrub.

How do you feel more beautiful? With blush on my face.