DDPF Joana Duarte Kitchenette

Joana Duarte is the founder of Kitchenette, a project with two strands: on the one hand, a Marketing Agency for brands of the kitchen world and, on the other, A kitchen in pop-up mode, borrowed to several cooks and projects that jump to it.

From delicious food, photographs and to the super cool graphic image, everything transmits fun (it is also necessary in a job) and dedication. Joana finds potential in the kitchen world and we are all lucky enough to be able to prove it at the events at Kitchnette. I thought it would be a great guest from the inside out this week!



Sign: Bull!

Seasons: Spring;)

A Collor: Pink.

A book: Deborah Levy - Things I don't want to know.

Film: Donnie Darko.

A song: Flagra - Rita Lee.

A podcast: Radio Cherry Bombe.

An object: Journal.

Favorite place in the world: Home.



Who and what inspires you? Women entrepreneurs

What do you still need to create? A job that gives me joy but also more quiet!

How to maintain creativity: Kepp Looking Sideways!


First thing to do when you wake up: Drink 2 glasses of warm water.

How to relax at the end of the day: Drink a very fresh imperial!

A place to turn off: Mount West Coast.

Preferred physical exercise: Spinning at Studiorise.

How to discharge the stress: In the food:/

A woman who inspires you: Sophia Roe.


Your ideal diet is ... Salads, green, sausages, fruits, juices.

What do you always have in the fridge: Ham and Burrata!

SAVING RECIPE: Bakebied vegetables with cold meat accompanying.

Favorite drink: Kombucha.

Preferred snack: Bananas!

Favorite Restaurant: Kitchenette Pop Up Coffee ;)

Preferred kitchen book: Cherry Bombe - The Cookbook.



Beauty icon: Kate Moss.

An essential piece of clothing: Jeans.

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: Sunscreen.

Product MPL'beauty favorite: Body exfoliator.

How do you feel more beautiful? With blush in the face.