DDPF Birgit Sfat

If there is a beautiful feed, transmitting tranquility and lightness, it is Birgit Sfat's. She moved from San Francisco to Lisbon and her page Over the Ocean reflects that - travel, places, family, beach, sun... I love following her and I think you will also enjoy getting to know her better!


Sign: Pisces

Season: All seasons. I love that we have different seasons. Especially since autumn and winter are quite mild in Portugal! ;-) 

One color: Yellow.

A movie: Footloose.

A podcast: Pod Save America.

An object: A small vessel filled with sand from Ocean Beachin San Francisco, sealed with a sapphire and engraved with our initials that I wear as a necklace. 

Favorite place in the world
: Ria Formosa in winter.


Who and what inspires you?
 Discovering beauty in the ordinary, every day and during travels.

What do you have yet to create? A book. 

How to maintain creativity: Keep my eyes and heart open as I walk (literally!) through life.

First thing to do upon waking up:
 Walk out of our bedroom door onto the terrace, breathe, and stretch. Then wake up my daughter with a kiss.

How to relax at the end of the day: Family dinner.

A place to unplug: Our home inMoncarapacho.

Favorite exercise: Walking the dogs, yoga, swimming.

How you discharge stress: A long walk on the beach, preferably when it is still very early and still foggy.

A woman who inspires you: My friend Regina who, despite the challenges, followed her passion and started studying Landscape Architecture at the age of 48.


Your ideal diet is...
Middle Eastern mezze, Italian pasta and pizza, Portuguese style grilled fish, Vietnamese soups, Thai curries, Greek salad.... I love diversity! 

What you always have in the fridge: Dijon mustard, capers, Parmesan, Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, pickled lemons.

Dinner saver recipe: Spaghetti al Tonno.

Favorite drink: Natural wine from Portugal.

Favorite snack: Toasted natural fermentation bread withwith hazelnut cream from Gleba and sliced banana, or salted, with fresh goat cheese and red peppers.

Favorite restaurant: Lisbon: Prado Grocery, Ritalinos, Mr. Grape.

Favorite cookbooks: Not classic cookbooks, but I love the books wabi-sabi welcome e al fresco with recipes and inspiring thoughts about hosting and gathering around food from Julie Pointer Adams


Beauty icon:
 Women who accept aging (without botox or plastic surgery) as the Julianne Moore.

An essential piece of clothing:(t-)shirt whitewhite (t-)shirt, sailor pants and K-Jacques sandals.

It's all part of your beauty routine: Sun protection.

Favorite MPL'beauty product: MAR body oil.

How do you feel more beautiful? When I am relaxed and happy.