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Celulite: 4 rotinas que pode fazer em casa

Cellulite: 4 routines you can do at home

It's normal for cellulite to start bothering us as soon as the weather gets warmer and we need to wear dresses and shorts. But today the conversation goes a little beyond the aesthetic part - it's that cellulite, like so many other things we see on the outside, can be a sign that something, inside, is not 100%.

Have you ever heard of fascia ? This connective tissue present throughout our body, consisting mainly of collagen , connects bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments . It protects our organs and muscle groups and allows us to perform the simplest functions , such as walking, sitting, standing…

What does fascia have to do with cellulite? Cellulite happens when fascial tissues create small pockets of fat. Think about what an ironed shirt looks like at the end of the day. The smooth and uniform fabric starts to have irregularities and is no longer cohesive. It's what happens inside us. The causes can be several: spending a lot of time standing or sitting, doing repetitive movements daily, having bad postural habits, insufficient hydration or, simply, advancing age.

All this to explain that cellulite is not the problem in itself, or the aesthetic discomfort that causes it, but rather that we should interpret it as a signal from our body, so that we can improve our circulation and lymphatic drainage. Remember that cellulite is an inflammation of cells and we should interpret it like any other sign of inflammation, such as bloating, intestinal and skin problems. Only in this way will we keep our tissues healthy, which will result in more radiant, luminous and regular skin.

So what can I do at home?

Brush the body

The body brush is one of the best allies for stimulating lymphatic drainage, boosting the release of toxins and preventing tissue stagnation. It is a fundamental routine for healthy skin and to avoid inflammatory processes. You can use it before or after a shower, on dry skin and, you know, always with upward movements and towards the center of the body.

Gua Sha Body & Firm Oil Massage

If you've already tried facial Gua Sha, then you know what we're talking about when we say that this Traditional Chinese Medicine technique radically changes the appearance of our skin. Regular massages with Body Gua Sha , in synergy with Firme oil , with slimming properties, completely change the structure of our skin. Stimulates the absorption of hydration, improves skin texture and prevents irregularities, stimulates lymphatic flow and releases accumulated tension. All of this is essential for our fascia to remain healthy.

You already know: when using the Firme Kit , apply the same rule and always make upward movements.

Gua Sha Body Mushroom Massage

Perfect for stimulating acupressure points and the circulation of energy in the body, avoiding accumulated tension that is harmful to the fascia (and which can manifest itself in cellulite). You can and should also use it with Firme oil , so that it absorbs all the toning properties of the botanical active ingredients. Perform circular massages, focusing on areas with the highest concentration of fat spots, such as the buttocks, belly, thighs and hips. You can also apply pressure to specific points, even to relieve muscle tension. You'll see that you'll be hooked!

Exfoliation with Awakening

When it comes to cellulite, our exfoliant of choice is Desperta . It is very rich in antioxidants and stimulates collagen regeneration (the main component of fascia and healthy skin, right?). Illuminates and tones the skin, preparing it for a healthy tan and leaving it firmer and more even. Once a week, it shouldn't be missing from your routine!

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