How to Use Intuitive Letters?


I was really glad to get back the Intuitive Cards. They are even more beautiful and I feel they make even more sense at this time of so many anxieties, changes and uncertainties.

These cards are not tarot, which is based on a fixed system of 78 cards, each with its traditional meaning. They are an oracle, which means that they do not follow a fixed structure and are designed to be a tool for intuition, and the meanings are written down for anyone to use - ours have an illustrated book that I love!

They are a way to work on your emotional and spiritual side, that is often left aside in the most troubled moments (like the ones we live in).

I leave here some tips for those who have never tried it and are curious to use it!

Keep them in a special place

Choose a special place in your home. A little corner that is your altar, where you also have other objects that you like a lot and that bring you good energies. It can even be the place where you meditate or simply relax doing what you like most. The important thing is that it's always tidy and has no extras that clutter up the space.

Don't think too much

You know when they used to tell you in school that the first answer that feels right in multiple choice tests is the one you should choose? Think about that feeling and intuition for a while. When you read the meaning of a card you draw, don't think too much about the meaning, but believe in the message and be open and confident in what it conveys to you on a first impression.

Create rituals

It is very important that you create times when you are quiet and fully present to draw one or more cards and immerse yourself for a few minutes in the messages that are assigned to you. Don't do this in times of rush or stress.

How to draw the cards?

Put your energy into the deck. Pick them up from time to time or walk around with them next to you. The more you use them and touch them (it is very important), the more they will work especially for you.

Be sure of the question you want to answer. The more assertive the question, the more assertive the answer will be. Think about what it is that you are looking for direction for and formulate an answer around that.

Shuffle your cards well. Then divide them into three piles and put them back together again. Breathe deeply and be focused as you do this, feeling your energy flow into the deck.

Spread the cards well. Run your hands over them until you feel that magnetism that pulls you in. You can choose just one card, or even more. It depends on how deep you want to go.

Let yourself spend a few minutes with the cards you have drawn. Before you run off to look up the meaning in the book, let your intuition create a meaning in your head. Did something click instantly? Did something come to mind as soon as you saw the card?

Read the meaning. And notice if there are parallels or differences with what you intuit previously.

Take away one main message. Combining your first intuition from looking at the cards and the meaning you read in the book, construct your interpretation. You can even write about it in a journal or simply meditate silently on the lesson they brought to you. And finally, see if you can establish a plan of action, according to the message you received.