Camila Martins DDPF

I was super curious to learn more about the Camila Martins. Seriously go to her Instagram .. everything is inspiring especially for those who like good food and memes Occasional, like me.

It is the mind, heart and hand behind Magnolia, where all the food I want to eat (and trust when I say this is rare, very rare!) Where good taste., Attention to detail and coolness and it all! So if you are for Lisbon PFF be sure to go and "breathe" everything magnolia has to offer.

But now Camila ... 


Sign: Virgin

Seasons: Fall

A Collor: Lilac

A book: Uruguayan - Pedro Mayral

Film: The Arrival

A song: Song of Happiness - Cochemea

‌ A podcast: Bro

An object: I am addicted to stripe objects

Favorite Favorite in the world: I miss the calm of Bahia


 Who and what inspires you? 

  • Inspirations in the kitchen: Ottolenghi It is Julia Child
  • What inspires me: travel, listening to music, walking aimlessly, it all gives me a boost of inspiration, my thoughts go far and take shape 

What do you still need to create? My dream store where everything is stripes.

How to maintain creativity: Travel, disconnect, listen to music, enjoy idle


First thing to do when you wake up: Dream of my life would be to wake up, meditate, have coffee calmly ... But my reality is to check the messages as soon as I wake

How to relax at the end of the day: A good massage and a glass of wine

A place to turn off: Go to the bush relax me

‌ Preferred Physical Physical Exercise: Yoga

‌ How to discharge the stress: When I leave Magnolia With the adrenaline still very high because of the movement, I always play and I say "I need to take a very hot shower, lie down and look at the wall, in silence". it works.

‌A woman who inspires you: Magnolia's women are inspiring for me. Very good to have them around and be able to share stories, fears, joys. We have a great affection that goes beyond the professional. We became a big family and take care of each other as such. It's beautiful to admire. Kisses to them: Michelle, Doma, Gi, Sasa, Milenna, Van, Dri, Gab, Sofi, Karine, Julia, Gio and Barbara.❤️


Your ideal diet is…The ideal is when someone cooks for me. I'm so happy! I feel cared for.

What do you always have in the fridge: Greek yogurt


Favorite drink: Coconut Water

Preferred snack: To a crispy Wasabi balls phase. one

Favorite Restaurant: Aura Gramme Paris

Favorite kitchen books: all of thettolenghi


Beauty icon: I have a strong crush in LEA SEYDOUX

‌A Piece of Essential Clothing: Dresses

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: SERRANS It is easy massage day and night

Product MPL'beauty favorite: DETOX SERUM

How do you feel more beautiful? When I'm happy

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