Body Care: The best routine

It always seems easier and priority to take care of the skin of the face, because it is the most sight and also because it is faster, since the area to take care is much smaller. But we all know that taking care of the body's skin is equally important and it is no use spending all year to leave the exfoliation or hydration for tomorrow, then walking distressed when walking with the legs out.

On top of that, with the arrival of winter, we should even be more careful with our skin. Our skin can become more sensitive, by lower temperatures, too hot baths, air conditioning ... You can feel the skin scaring or worsening problems like eczema. Your immune system can become more fragile and the skin can give signs in different ways.

If it's from the team that leaves everything for tomorrow, this post is your extra reminder to be more consistent! Yes, this is the keyword to see good results in everything. Let the body care routine be better?

1. Dry brushing

Brushing the dry skin is a great way to stimulate blood circulation, which may be less active now that temperatures have descended. In addition, it stimulates the lymphatic system and toxin release, supporting the body's daily cleaning process. It is great for relieving tired legs and lightly exfoliating the skin. Should do so before the bath, with dry skin with This brush.

2. Less hot baths + natural bath gel

As well as well, taking us well, taking a super hot shower every day is not ideal for our skin. It will make it more sensitive, dry and susceptible to irritation - all this worsens if using a soap or bath gel with dubious ingredients because it can have an abrasive effect on the skin. If you do not have the courage to take a cold water bath, reduce water temperature and bath time (or quickly go through cold water in the last moments) and invest in a natural bath gel.

3. Extra hydration on the skin

In colder months, hydration is a golden rule, especially if you tend to have very dry skin. As you do on your face, you can apply a serum and then a balm, creating a occlusive effect on the skin, retaining hydration for longer. It is best to take your bath before bedtime, generously moisturize the skin with the sea ​​oil and/or the moisturizer And wear your pajamas below - a kind of hyper nutritious skin cocoon :)

4. Natural deodorant

We have talked here on the blog about the importance of using a natural deodor. It's not just a smell we have chosen for our body - it's an opportunity to put in our armpits something that doesn't block our perspiration, which moisturizes the skin that protects our lymphatic nodules and breast tissue. Have one natural deodorant For daily use is a huge sign of self-care.