Ana Dias Ferreira

From the Inside Out: Ana Dias Ferreira

A Ana is the director of the magazine Observer Lifestyle magazine magazine and "owner" of one of the feeds I most enjoy visiting. She has good taste in everything she shares and following her journey through motherhood through this window that is instagram has been very beautiful. It has color, life, family and intimacy!

Today I bring her here, from the inside out, so you can also get to know her a little better.


Sign: Gemini
Season: Summer
Color: Electric blue
A book:"A Handbook for Cleaning Women"by Lucia Berlin
Film:"Caramel"by Nadine Labaki
A song:"Your Hand in Mine"by Explosions in the Sky
A podcast:I'm more of a series guy. I just finished the last season of "This is Us"and it's in my top favorites.
One object:Those from home: books, magazines, chairs, candelabras, and mugs
Favorite Place in the World:Outdoors.

Ana Dias Ferreira - BE


Who and what inspires you?
People who make things with their hands.

What do you have yet to create?
A children's book (among so many other things).

How do you maintain your creativity?
Having my eyes open, talking to other people, walking (that's always where I come up with the best ideas and titles for articles :).

Ana Dias Ferreira - CREATE


First thing to do when you wake up:
Smile at my baby, who is still in our room and right now is my alarm clock.

How to relax at the end of the day:
I have a ritual of lighting a candle in the living room and several lamps with a softer light around the house, especially in the fall and winter when the days are shorter. I also like to read before bed, although now I can't even stand a page without falling asleep. 😅

A place to unplug:Alentejo.
Favorite physical exercise:Cycling and swimming.
How do you discharge stress?
Making things with my hands (or at least trying to).

A woman who inspires you: Felipa Almeida and her curation of objects; ceramist Cécile Mestelan (three kids and three spaces!); Joana von Bonhorst and the community she created (; artist Joana Inês-Soares (Violeta Cor de Rosa) and many other enterprising women who are doing amazing things in Portugal.

Ana Dias Ferreira - LIVING


Your ideal diet is... No meat, which I haven't eaten since I was 18, but varied. I'm loving all the creativity around plant-based cooking that has emerged in recent years.
What do you always have in the fridge:Soup vegetables, yogurt, cheese and lemons.
Dinner saver recipe:A pasta.
Favorite drink: Water.
Favorite Snack:Blueberries and dried fruit.
Favorite Restaurant:I am faithful to several in Campo de Ourique, a neighborhood where you eat very well. To get out of the routine and try it at least once in a lifetime, the Cura at the Ritz.
Favorite cookbooks:
The couple's Green Kitchen Stories. I don't have the new one yet, but the concept is great and adapted to our days: Quick + Slow, recipes to hurry up + long meals.

Ana Dias Ferreira - NUTRIR



Beauty icon:Anna Karina.
An essential piece of clothing:A good white t-shirt.
What's not missing from your beauty routine:Cleanse and moisturize your face.
Favorite MPL'beauty product:ALuminous face mask. I feel like eating.
How do you feel more beautiful?With a wide smile.

Ana Dias Ferreira - CARING

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