The best way to take care of your feet

 The hottest season of the year is still on! Besides demanding lighter and cooler clothes, it also calls for shoes that leave your feet showing. Surely at this point of the championship you have already taken out of your closet all your favorite sandals successively.

In summer taking care of your feet is even more important: they tend to be more parched and exposed to external aggressions, since we wear mostly open shoes during the hottest months (and sometimes we even go barefoot!). 

O Foot Kit

Taking care of your feet should not be a forgotten detail in your routine (and much less an exclusive summer concern!), but should be given the prominence they deserve. Our Feet Kit was developed to provide you with a minimalist approach to the pedicure - bringing you impressive results. O Kit consists of a stick and a file, which work together to provide exfoliation and hydration. 

O Stick Stick moisturizes and renews the skin of the feet, helping to restore balance and prevent moisture loss in this area. It comes with a file.

Which is not a file lime - it's called nanoglass. The unique glass surface smoothes the skin with precise abrasion, eliminating the need for a rough file or acid-based peel. It removes hardened skin quickly and easily, smoothes calluses and softens feet.

How to use?

On dry or wet feet, rub with the rough side of the file as needed. Use it dry for a quick 10-minute cleanse or after a shower for an extra deep treatment. After using the lime, apply the balm stick - composed of super moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and calendula.

Benefits of Stick

  • Lightly scented
  • Melts into a moisturizing oil that works as an all-in-one moisturizer for hands, lips, elbows, and all other areas that could use a little extra pampering
  • Paper push-up tube is an uncomplicated way to moisturize at home or on the go

Lime Durability

A lime should be cleaned with soapy water and then dried thoroughly to keep it intact longer.  

It is just as important to take care of our feet as it is to take care of the skin on our face and body.

O Foot Kit uncomplicates the process, so no more excuses. With it you can (and should!) take care of your feet at home all year round - simply, naturally, and very effectively.