All about natural lifting

Everything that promises firmer, luminous and soft skin is a yes for us!

This Thursday we made a masterclass about natural lifting that you can watch here where Mafalda explained how to better use various beauty tools.

We talk about these products:

But if you still want to know more, look at this blog post.

Of Super Kit lifting, To the Eyes Kit and Cupping Kit, we love tools that enhance the beauty routine, with an important purpose: modeling and circumventing the skin from the face as naturally as possible. 

Super Lifting kit

This one Kit is different .. developed with a vibratory technology that helps reproduce the effects of a professional facial massage (isn't that what we all want?! A facial massage when we want, in the comfort of our home?!).

What does “vibratory technology” mean? - Basically this tool vibrates. The batteries works (which come with the kit) and you can use it in “on”Or“Off”. Subtle vibrations help stimulate collagen production and make the skin firmer and toned.

This tool Contains 3 Removable Heads.. each with its specific function for sculpt, define and relax. 

How to use?

Start with clean skin - cleaning with and is the most suitable method. Apply some extra drops of yours to the face and neck.

Choose which massager you want to use and fit the device, tangling until it is safe. You can change the massage head along the procedure so that you adapt to the face zone you want to stimulate.

Turn on the device by running the end to the “ON”.

The next step is to massage.


The roller quartz under the eyes and all over the face.
The bar in particular in the neck, jaw, forehead and around the lips and eyes.
The contour head - the jaw, cheekbones, nose junction and over the eyebrows.

Eyes Kit


This kit consists of two fantastic tools: one mushroom gua shame specifically to work the eye zone and the Effective (With blackberry oil, rose muskete, raspberry… What a delight of smells and nutrients), one concentrated serum for eye contour (and also lips), with roll-on application.

The skin around our Eyes (and lips) is thinner and sensitive than the rest of the face - and deserves special treatment, a Eyes Ritual created to give these two zones hydration and protection. 

How to use?

You can use it every morning and before bedtime. Applique Effective - Pass the roll-on under each eye and in the corners of the lips. Roll-On's stainless steel ball has an extraordinarily refreshing and soothing effect.

Then apply the mushroom gua shame - Put it in the fridge before use, - press around your eyes and lips. It's quite intuitive! As you massage these corners of your face you will feel a relief from tension and huge freshness. Also help smooth the wrinkles, reaffirm the contour of the eyes and lips and the mitigate the appearance of dark circles and swelling. 



“Face Cupping” is an ancestral modality of traditional Chinese medicine, known for detoxify and clean the skin and its layers.

It helps break stagnation and congestion in the tissues while stimulating blood circulation. It also helps activate the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the skin.

It works through slight suction in which glasses slide through the face and neck, so as to “move everything” helping to disinhole, better define the contour of the face, enhance firmness, brightness and filling thin lines.

How to use?

This one kit Includes two Cups Premium silicone and a bag to store them.

Cup BIG Developed for larger zones of the face (cheeks, jaw and forehead) and neck.

Cup SMALL for more delicate areas around the eyes and surrounding the lips.

SERUM SCULPT Developed specifically to do this massage - perfect for preparing the skin for Cupping ritual and as a daily moisturizer. A mixture of botanical active that gently balance, soften and end pores.