Goodbye Swollen Eyes

Dark Circles or puffy eyes are problems that many women struggle with, including me!

It's normal to notice tired eyes, the whole area around them more swollen and slightly darkened, when waking up from a bad night's sleep (or a few too many glasses!). But there are women who have a constantly swollen under-eye area, even when they sleep well. The truth is that sleep is not the only responsible for this feature, which can greatly affect our self-esteem and makes us invest in lots of makeup to disguise it - which often only overloads our skin. Actually, there are other causes for this problem. It is important to remember that the genetic part also has a huge weight and, against it, there is nothing to do - just accept ourselves. The good news is that there are small habits that you can implement in your beauty routine to try to alleviate this feeling and feel more beautiful!

Hydrate yourself!

Of course hydration had to come first! In fact, drinking water is responsible for the well-being of everything in our body, hence why we remind you so often to drink water. When we abuse alcohol or coffee, it is very likely that that feeling of puffy, darkened eyes increases. In fact, bad nights of sleep where we wake up with dark circles under our eyes are often countered with a higher intake of coffee which, in fact, may not help and lead us into a vicious circle. Drinking water should be on your mind throughout the day and you really have to make a habit of it. When you wake up, drink a glass (or three) of water right away, if possible reinforced with Beauty Drops, to support the production of collagen and the maintenance of skin elasticity, which will greatly help those who have dark circles under their eyes.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

It may be a difficult change - or impossible for some, like me! -but it may be worth a try. In this position, gravity causes pressure on our body that affects the accumulation of fluid under the eyes, as well as increasing the loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles in the long term because of the friction we make on the pillow. Of course, the important thing is your sleeping comfort, but if you're willing to give it a try, try sleeping on your stomach. You can also choose to buysilk pillow cases which help a lot to "soften" the skin.

Make sure it is not an allergy

If that puffy-eyed feeling is accompanied by nasal congestion and watery eyes, it may be a symptom of some allergy. Try to figure out what the cause might be. Take adaptogens and medicinal plants that strengthen the immune system can help.

Take care of yourself with Eye Kit

This kit brings Effective Serumserum, a specific concentrate for moisturizing the eye contour area, and two Gua Sha mushroomsmushrooms to massage the eye area. If you store them in the refrigerator, the feeling of relief will be much greater. Massage helps increase blood circulation, reducing dark circles and darkening of the skin. It lifts features and prevents fine lines by boosting hydration with the serum and skin elasticity.

Or the famous cucumber slices!

Yes, you'll look like a teenager out of a movie, but it's worth it. Cucumbers, because they have a huge concentration of water and vitamin C, are great for the skin. As they are usually stored in the refrigerator, the cold temperature in contact with the skin will cause the veins to contract and the dilation of that area to decrease. This is one of those treatments that is very inexpensive and really has proven effects! Our rose quartz eye mask is equally refreshing and greatly relieves puffiness in this area (and also helps with headaches).

Apply a homemade mask

On a day without morning appointments, take a few extra minutes with yourself and apply a mask to the eye area. I like to make mine with matcha teapure and full of antioxidants, or with Detox BlendBlend, based on herbs, adaptogens, and superfoods full of detoxifying powers. I mix a tablespoon of one of them with a tablespoon of water, honey, or yogurt. Add enough liquid until the mask is thick enough to handle. My tip is to let the mask sit in the refrigerator because, as I said, the temperature has a very positive effect. Then just put it on the eye area, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and wash the skin well, moisturizing it afterwards.

Hydrate your skin!

Although you have to moisturize from the inside out, you should also not forget the daily topical moisturizing. After applying your eye contour serumserum, apply your facial serum. Keeping all skin moisturized helps keep the eye area looking brighter and more nourished.