Acne: How to treat naturally

In a perfect world, acne would not exist, but the truth is that it affects many women, not just in adolescence. Acne may arise at any age, often due to hormonal changes, but also associated with other factors such as stress, food, and lack of basic skin care.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know to Uncomplicating what looks complicatedCreate a routine that helps you control oiliness, calm inflammation, balance and moisturize your skin, making it cleaner, healthy and free of impurities and imperfections.

One of the most important aspects of routines is that they are simple. And consistent. Especially if we have a more problematic skin, we do not want to jump steps. This is why it is so important to start the day well with a cleaning ritual, giving the skin of your face everything you need to get rid of the bubbles and imperfections. And at night, repeat the three magic steps - clean, tone, moisturize - and add another gesture that will make all the difference. Already go there.

How to take care of acne

To clean

The first step, we don't get tired of repeating, is cleaning the skin well, removing impurities and all annoying agents that cause true damage if not removed (pollution, make -up, and even daily contact with the surface of the mobile phone, believe!). For this, the ideal is to use an oil that cleans in depth, and smoothly, like our specific cleaning oil for sensitive and reactive skin, Camellia, formulated with Japanese Camellia, which cleans the skin without assaulting it, also helping to balance the pH of the skin. Use it in the morning and evening, with the 100% biological cotton facial towel, and see the wonder effect of natural cleaning.


With the skin very clean, let's calm it down and refresh it. Our Cucumber essence It is perfect for this: spray it 3 to 4 times directly on your face and feel your skin relieve. With anti-inflammatory properties, this essence helps close the pores, control oiliness and calm the inflamed and irritated skin, being one of the best allies to control acne.


Once clean and toned, the skin is ready to receive hydration. In the case of the most complicated skins, the choice of moisturizer should be even more cared for, to avoid excess oiliness and the obstruction of the pores that cause the bubbles. Notice It is a light and delicate facial serum, especially formulated for oily, sensitive and acne skin that will clean and hydrate deeply, combat imperfections and help balance the pH while helping to calm and reverse the acne naturally . The secret? A botanical asset, the blue tansy, known for its soothing properties. 2 or 4 drops are sufficient to moisturize the skin with this serum. Apply them on your face in rising movements and feel how your skin thanks you.

 Anti-acne routine

At night

Before resting, let's give an extra treat to the reactive skins. After all, they are especially sensitive and deserve all our attention. Cosmic night It is an anti-acne serum specific to use at night, doing wonders for your skin while sleeping. Formulated with essential oils with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and activated charcoal, to remove impurities and clean in depth, helps to remove imperfections, dry the bubbles, and seal the pores, collaborating throughout the process to standardize skin.

To correct

Sensitive skin tends to manifest when we least expect it, so it is recommended to have an ally always at hand at critical times. Correct It is a concentrated serum with a dry action that acts on the bubbles when we feel they are almost appearing, or when they are already active. Helps decrease the swelling and redness of the bubbles, and will help to alleviate inflammation. Localized treatment, to apply directly to the bubbles, whenever you need, in a super practical format, the roll-on, which can always have with you your wallet, to apply whenever you need.


Our skin reflects what is going on inside and often skin problems, from rosacea to acne, happen because there is an internal imbalance. To the Super Skin Capsules (with antioxidant medicinal plants that act together to support the skin) and the mixture Pure beauty (With adaptogens to help restore hormonal balance), they help treat it from the inside out, and give incredible support for a more elastic, luminous and healthy skin, replacing balance and helping to reverse acne.