Looking for a pro-aging ritual?

We hear the term "anti-aging" a lot, but at MPL'Beauty we like to focus more on the concept of "pro-aging" - a way of seeing aging not as something to be avoided, but rather as an absolutely natural process that can be fully embraced with good holistic choices. This means looking at our inner and outer well-being, from diet and exercise to how we manage daily stress, to our skin care routine.

In this article we show you the MPL'beauty essentials for creating a pro-aging routine, with 100% natural and effective products!


Kit Gua Sha Amethyst

Gua Sha Amethyst Kit

Composed by the Illumina Serum, the Gua Sha and the Amethyst Facial Rollerwhich work synergistically in a natural lifting action, this kit is a real must-have to fight lack of elasticity, firmness and luminosity, attenuate fine lines and wrinkles, and deeply moisturize the skin.

While the Illuminating Serum works to hydrate and revitalize the skinespecially when it feels drier and duller, giving it back all the luminosity and radiance it deserves, the two beauty tools in amethyst - a protective stone that purifies the mind and frees it from negativity, relieving stress and anxiety - help improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and relieve facial muscle tension

MPL Tip: With this kit you have all the essentials for toned, luminous and full of life skin. In the morning and before bedtime, put 3 to 4 drops of the Illumina Serum on your skin. Smooth gently, then massage with the Face Roller or Gua Sha. For an extra fresh feeling, store both tools in the fridge!


Rose Essence

Rose Essence

There are many reasons to introduce a toner into your skincare routine: it purifies and rebalances the skin's pH, tones and refreshes, and leaves the face feeling softer and more protected.

Our Essences essences work precisely like a toner spray, with the Rose Essence essence is the most indicated for those pro-aging routine - besides preventing aging, helps to deeply nourish the skin and assists in the process of cell regeneration. The result is a more luminous, firm and fresh skin!

MPL Tip: Because it is a product designed to balance the skin's pH and maintain hydration, the best time to apply the essence is after cleansing with the Facial Towel, and before moisturizing. Simply direct the weak to the face and spray 3 to 4 times.


Super Woman Capsules

Super Woman Capsules

At MPL'beauty we believe that beauty starts from the inside out. To enhance the feminine well-being in a full way, nothing better than to introduce the Super Woman capsules capsules into your routine - a food supplement designed to relieve daily stressone of the main "culprits" of premature skin aging.

With multivitamins, minerals, plant extracts and essential adaptogens for body and emotional balance, this bioavailable and bioactive formula relieves the physical and mental effects of stress, boosts energy, mood and focus, balances the hormonal system and regulates cortisol levels. Simply take 2 capsules daily, simultaneously, at a time of your choice.


Beauty Drops

Beauty Drops

No matter what your age - hydration will always be essential, and it starts (truly) from the inside out. That's why we created the Beauty Dropsa tonic based on silica, an essential mineral for the body's health. regeneration of collagen, and rose water, to increase hydration, stimulating the elasticity and radiance of the skin.  

A highly moisturizing and alkaline formulathat nourishes the skin from the inside out, Beauty Drops also strengthen all the body's tissues - i.e. skin, nails, bones and hair. In addition, they support the body in maintaining a balanced pH level to reduce inflammation and toxin accumulation, resulting in cleaner, healthier skin.

MPL Tip: Turn your water into a real beauty tonic, every day. Just add 4 pipettes full of the Beauty Drops and drink one or more times during the day. Besides all the benefits, this formula will also encourage you to drink more water!