Learn all about the variety of 100% biological essences from Mpl'Beauty, which help moisturize and recover the skin!

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Helps control oiliness

Cucumber Essence

AEssence of Cucumberhelps close pores and control oiliness, for a more hydrated, even, and firm skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a strong ally in fighting acne and rosacea.




Tones and increases cell regeneration

Orange Blossom Essence

ANeroli Essencetones and increases cell regeneration, contributing to a more elastic and uniform skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the healing of pimples, blemishes and scalds.

Essence of orange flower

Powerful pro-aging tonic

Rose Essence

AEssence of Rosesis a powerful pro-aging tonic. In addition to preventing aging, it helps nourish deeply and assists in cell regeneration.

Attar of roses

Attar of roses


Calming effect

Witch Hazel Essence

AWitch Hazel Essencehas anti-inflammatory properties, making it a strong ally in the fight against acne and rosacea. Its calming effect helps recovery in cases of eczema, psoriasis and other inflammations.

Essence of Hamamelia

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