7 steps to keep your tan after summer

After investing hours in the sun during your vacation, nothing disappoints more than coming home and seeing your tan disappear in an instant. But if you invest in some skincare as well as sunbathing, we promise you'll be able to prolong your tan beyond your vacation.

Moisturize more than ever! As the sun dries out the skin, it's super important to keep it moisturized. well moisturized before, during and after sun exposure. Invest in a body buttera more concentrated type of moisturizer that will really give your body a boost. up the skin's hydration levels. Another tip is to apply balm Puro Sol after applying sunscreen. É absorbed quickly, creating a protective barrier and allowing moisture to be retained. It also contains plant extracts that naturally protect the skin from the sun, such as carrot and turmeric, and prolong the tan.

Use high sun protection. No shortcuts! If you use a lower level of sun protection than you need, you may even appear to get a tan more quickly, but then your skin will exfoliate and, as well as being highly damaging, it will cause your tan to fade.

Avoid hot baths, to prevent dehydration of the skin. If you can't bathe in cold water, try lukewarm. And, if you can, use a shower gel with moisturizing botanical actives.

Exfoliate weeklyexfoliate weekly to remove dead skin cells and let your tan stand out. At this time of year, we really like Stimulatewith matcha and citrus fruits. Full of antioxidants and botanical active ingredients that protect and restore skin after sun exposureis perfect for keeping skin even and radiantwhile taking care of blemishes and other marks.

Try a natural body illuminator. If you feel like you need an extra glow, choose to do it safely, without artificial colorants. Our body illuminators work because they contain mica, a mineral that makes the skin shinier, and oils that leave a more golden tone. They give the skin a bronzed touch and also keep it moisturized. It's not the same as having tanned skin, but fake it till you make it!

Drink lots of water! It's a piece of advice that works for a lot of things, but... the truth is that it works by prolonging cell life, including those that make up our tan, and preventing dry, flaky skin. The stronger your skin is, the more it will be able to retain its tan.

Eat the color of the sun! Orange and red foods contain beta-carotenes, and are proven to help maintain a healthy, beautiful tan from the inside out. Carrots, peppers, apricots, peaches, tomatoes, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes... remember to include them in your snacks and meals this summer!