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6 formas de estimular naturalmente a libido

6 ways to naturally stimulate libido

Our libidothat is, our sexual interest or desire, is impacted in various ways, from our hormone production, à taking medication or our psychological state. É normal for it to change over time and you should pay attention to your body's signals. 

There are two types of desire: o spontaneouswhich when we see something attractiveor the responsivewhen we feel desire to have sex for reasons beyond physical pleasure. Since lifestyle improvements to the use of plants and superfoodshere are six simple tips to boost your libido and improve your sexual well-being. 

6 ways to naturally stimulate libido

1. Manage stress, anxiety and sleep

Who can think about sex when they're stressed, sad, anxious or depressed? Our sexual appetite is the result of our state of mind, so when you feel a decrease in libido, you should reflect on whether there is something in your life that isn't allowing you to be open to this more fun side. Sleep is also essential for our sexual appetite and well-being. If a good night's sleep seems like a mirage to you, consider taking a natural supplement, such as Sleep Drops

2. Eat well!

Eating all the right colors is essential for basically everything in our body - and libido could be no exception. Try to eat real food, absorbing as many nutrients and vitamins as possible, in order to improve your well-being and mood and, consequently, your sex drive. Also remember that our sexual organ has a microbiota that must be taken care ofto avoid infections and other problems, and diet is a great preventative step. Diets that are too rich in simple carbohydrates, refined sugars and alcohol need to be addressed. By taking care of this, it will be easier to feel sexy, healthy and ready for moments of pleasure.

6 ways to naturally stimulate libido

3. Consider a natural supplement

It's normal that our routine doesn't always allow us to stop and pay attention to this important side of our lives. If you feel you need a little extra help, try the Super Wish Kit. It includes Super Desire capsules, taken daily, with medicinal plants and superfoods known to stimulate sexual function, and Super Desire chocolates, the most delicious aphrodisiac (which you can even share :). You'll feel improvements in your energy, mood and well-being and, consequently, in your sexual energy. 

4. Regular physical exercise

As well as keeping us in good physical shape, exercise stimulates the production of pleasure hormones, resulting in a better mood. It also helps to improve our self-confidence, which is also essential for good sexual dynamics. It's also a great way to improve sleep, which, as we saw above, is essential for a healthy libido. 

5. Choose the right hygiene products

Most conventional cosmetics contain chemicals and synthetic fragrances that are suspected of affecting our hormone production. In addition, they can compromise our vaginal microbiota. It is important that you choose suitable bath products and natural whenever possible. 

6. Boost your self-confidence

Feeling beautiful and confident is no accident, but the result of our dedication to ourselves. Avoid being so hard on yourself and complaining about your body whenever you see yourself in the mirror or in bikini photos. Think: "Would I say this to a friend?". Probably not. So why say it to yourself? Replace those thoughts with positive phrases that make you feel good. Surround yourself with positive people and nurture good relationships. You'll find that life (sexual life included) becomes lighter and much more enjoyable that way!


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