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11 dicas para dizer adeus aos pelos encravados!

11 tips to say goodbye to ingrown hairs!

With summer approaching, the long-awaited days at the beach and pool also arrive! With these days also comes the need to wear swimsuits and bikinis which, without these tips, can be problematic.

The truth is that, for those who suffer (as I did) from the tendency to create ingrown hairs, this time can become more complicated as we have to shave more frequently and also sweat more. But don't worry because with this post you'll be prepared to get the smooth, inflammation-free skin you've always wanted.

  1. Never wax on dry skin. It won't work well and you'll end up with a lot of ingrown hairs and even cuts, because the blade won't glide effectively and safely. So even if you're in a hurry, resist the temptation and do everything calmly.

  2. Let your skin (and hair) be prepared. Before picking up your reusable razor (if you're still using disposable ones, this post is for you ), stay in the shower or bath for a few minutes. The hot water will help soften the hair and this will make all the difference when shaving. And what's 2 or 3 minutes to avoid the discomfort of itchy days and inflamed skin?

  3. Exfoliate every week. This ritual will completely change how your skin reacts to waxing. The pores will also be cleaner and therefore you will avoid imperfections. I recommend Estimula to improve the skin and remove all dead cells.

  4. ALWAYS use a depilatory oil. This tip is the most precious of all and the reason why, not satisfied with what was on the market, I created SUAVE oil . In addition to helping the blade glide, avoiding cuts and making the process much easier, the ingredients were handpicked to soothe the skin and hydrate at the same time. If you want to understand this in more depth, read here .

  5. Use a very sharp blade. Change your blade refill frequently to avoid passing it over the same place several times. A well-sharpened blade will allow you to shave more effectively and avoid skin inflammation.

  6. Shave in the direction of hair growth Contrary to what you might think, this is the right direction to avoid irritating your skin and causing ingrown hairs. By passing the blade in the opposite direction you will be cutting the hair too short, increasing the chance of it becoming ingrown when it starts to grow.

  7. The least the best! The more times you pass the razor over the same place, the more likely it is to cause skin irritation. That's why tip number 4 is so important.

  8. Clean the blade between passes. Whenever you pass the razor over your skin, rinse it with water. A clean blade is more effective! If you need tips to keep yours in tip-top condition, read this post .

  9. Be careful with the towel. After shaving it is important to dry yourself gently. Do not apply the towel with too much pressure.

  10. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. After a shower it's always good to nourish your skin, but after shaving it's mandatory! To reinforce the anti-inflammatory care and soothe the skin, you can use your SUAVE again after showering as a moisturizer. Or try the LIGHT moisturizer - super rich and nourishing and with ingredients that also soothe the skin.

  11. Avoid clothes that are too tight. After shaving, avoid wearing clothes that cause a lot of friction and you will also avoid ingrown hairs and inflammation. If you can, shave at night, so you can wear comfortable pajamas and the next day you will have a perfect bikini line.