White Sage: What is it for and how it works

How to clean up energy with white sage

A question we received almost daily is like "cleaning negative energies?" Perhaps because we have on the site Sage White and Pau Santo, because we believe that there is something mysterious and powerful in these "tools" of nature for some reason used for centuries to clean bad energies or bad look.

The practice of passing is what we do when we burn Holy Pau or Natural Herbs, each with its benefit. One of the most used is the White sage. It is believed that it improves the quality of sleep, mood and air and that it removes everything that is negative. Practice dates back to South America's indigenous civilizations.

White salvia



Here we use it at the entrance of each season or at more "heavy" moments in both the company and at home. It is something we should do by changing stations or, whenever you feel anxious or that life is not running as well as we plan or is a real confusion.  

  • Open the windows (or doors) of the space you want to "clean" so that the smoke that carries the bad energies can come out. I like to open all the cabinet doors too. Oh, and everything must be tidy - it doesn't make a lot of sense to clean a disorganized space, because no?!

  • Start with the "entrance" - it may be the gateway to your home, or office, or if you are just cleaning a space, the entrance to it.

  • Have a bowl of ceramic nearby (to drop any sparkles not spoil anything).

  • Light the sage carefully - it is not to burn like a torch, but to burn slightly freeing smoke.

  • Start with you: hold sage near your heart and then move it around your body. Very important to clean the top of your head, back and soles. 

  • Then, in space, start from the entrance and go forward all the spaces on your left side until you get the full return and reach the starting point - think of the clock, wants to cover all the spaces of your home always towards the clock .

  • Pass the smoke through all the zones, do not forget around the windows and doors. Inside cabinets, over the heads of your children (or colleagues). Fill the spaces slowly with the smoke. It is very important that you always do all this with a good intention in mind - it does not result if you are not using your whole spirit in the ritual. 

Do not erase sage,
According to ancient beliefs, it has a "spirit" and knows when to go out to clean a division conveniently. If the sage torch goes out, do not rekindle it again in this division. You don't have to always be going through your home with the sage torch in your hand, put it in a burner that is suitable for this purpose and let it burn for itself. It is natural to note that, from time to time, smoke moves to some special corner of the division - that is where it is necessary to do a deeper cleaning ...

That's why you never delete it with water, because then you can't use it again.

White salvia



This ritual brings us A FEEL OF UNIQUE PEACE. It is a time when we dedicate ourselves and our favorite spaces, in absolute silence.

When I do it at the end of the day, I love to drink a detox or one Calm, because I feel that they help me rest better and keep the serene state that the ritual brings me. I hope you try and feel as well as me!