The best anti-hair routine of hair

Hair loss is a very common complaint in women, and at this time of year, it usually increases. O Return to “normal” life after vacation brings routine changes and Increases stress. The days become shorter and Time Change ends up messing with our hormonal production, essential for hair health. O Summer may have been synonymous with more excess and sloppy, which you may feel now (not just in your hair). The fact that it has been more exposed to UV rays and water with sun/chlorine, and not always protected the slopeO Or invested in hydration, it also contributes to hair loss at the beginning of the fall.

‌Be, if there is time to reinforce an anti-haircut routine, it's really now!

The best anti-hair routine of hair

1. Good food = good hair. Start with breakfast!

‌A strong and beautiful hair depends on our diet. We need a good contribution of fats, micronuticants, vitamins and proteins. For a practical solution, and taking the opportunity to break the night fast in a balanced way, we suggest that this beaten, with the Super Hair Protein. It contains a mixture of medicinal plants and adaptogens that support and balance hormonal production, strengthen the hair fibers, give more shine and strength to the hair, and lock the fall. Protein, also essential to strong hair, is 100% vegan and easy to absorb, with bonus to leave it satiated for hours.

Tip: If powder proteins are not your scene, We Got You Covered: choose to take 2 Super Hair Capsules daily.

two. Don't forget the essentials: scalp

We can't have a strong plant without taking care of the root - and the same is about our hair. Dealing with “soil” is fundamental and that is why, at least once a week, should massage the scalp with the Super Hair Serum. It is Infusion of medicinal plants moisturizes and regenerates the scalp, enhancing growth and preventing hair fall. If you feel brave enough, Try starting to use dermaroller. It is technology with microacles stimulates blood circulation, enhancing serum absorption and hair growth. AND Perfect for those who have very thin, unparalleled hair with little density.

The best anti-hair routine of hair

3. Strengthen hydration

Maybe the summer have to forget to make your weekly moisturizing mask. Enjoy the night's night at home for a intensive care Leave-in, with the Super Hair Mask. It is the easiest and most lazy routine that exists - just spread the mask in your hair, wrap it a towel and sleep like that. It will feel the hair smoother, stronger and bright. Just have to wash it well in the morning (preferably with a shampoo It is conditioner Natural, free of silicones and other ingredients that only dry hair and scalp). Talking from the inside out, gather Hair drops Daily in a glass of water will make wonders. These drops have Urtiga extract, one of the most nutritious plants in the world and very rich in iron, essential mineral for healthy hair.

4. comb, dry, arrest: less is more

If you usually comb the wet hair, try to avoid. This is because the wires are more elastic and depart more easily. Try that hair dries naturally, as artificial heat is very harmful, both healthy and the bright and smooth look we want. Avoid holding the hair, especially with too tight and pulled elastics as the hair is departed.

The best anti-hair routine of hair

5. If you dye your hair, choose henna!

The change in hair health is undeniable from the moment it ceases to paint it with chemical paints and replaces them with henna, a plant -based color, totally natural. It will not be just dyeing the hair, but nourishing it with each application, with nutritious medicinal plants that give more structure, shine and softness to the hair.

6. Be patient and consistent

The hair grows approximately one inch per month. And it has natural growth cycles, rest and fall. We cannot change this mechanics, nor our genetics or age, which also influence. But we can, yes, be patient and consistent with our hair care routines, and our daily habits.

You will see that the differences are noted!