Christmas is less than a month away, and as much as you say you'll have everything organized in time, there are always last-minute gifts that are missing, right? No worries! We have created a special Christmas collection, with dozens of gifts, for different tastes and prices. In addition to best sellers at more friendly prices, we also create novelties with Christmas in mind. And yes, we have wraps made with all the affection!


Gifts up to 35€

Hair Hydration Kit
One of the latest in the store! This kit combines an intensive hair mask with a comb in rose quartz, for a more luxurious touch. The Super Hair Mask revitalizes and nourishes in depth and the Crystal comb allows you to massage the scalp, to enhance the absorption of hair products and leave it very relaxed!

Cleaning Kit
For the simplest and most essential care in the skin routine. The Kit includes The Jasmine Cleansing Oil and the 100% cotton face towel, to cleanse the skin daily or remove makeup. It leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and balanced, and is suitable for all skin types.

Lip Care Kit
It includes a balm, a mask and a scrub for the lips - the full care and so important in the colder months, when easily the skin of the lips becomes dry or chapped. It really is one of those pampering that anyone likes!

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Gifts up to 50€

Firm Kit
The best way to tone the skin, fight cellulite and enhance hydration. The kit includes a slimming oil that works in synergy with Gua Sha, for a massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation, leaving the skin well hydrated, more toned and uniform.

Super Detox Kit
The best way to reset the body, to start 2023 lighter, with more energy and better digestion. This Kit includes Detox drops and Super Detox capsules, ideal for getting back into the routine after the parties.

Sleeping Kit
The best gift for those who need rest, calm and balance the nervous system. It has everything you need: drops for calmer nights of sleep, a delicious and soothing drink and a lavender and salt scrub, to relieve tension and leave the skin very clean and hydrated.

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Gifts up to 100€

Kit Revitalizes Discovery
The best way to experience the Revitaliza range, with mini versions of the 3 products - essence, serum and cream. It is the perfect anti-aging care for mature skin, fighting premature aging and preventing wrinkles, for a very elastic and firm skin.

Best-Selling Kit
For those who want to know the bestsellers or for those who no longer live without them. This Kit combines the effective Eye serum, the facial serum Puro Sol and the cream regenerates-and voila!, a complete face routine, with high hydration and protection.

Acne Kit
The three essential products for those who need a regulated care to keep acne well away. It includes a Night Serum, A Day Serum and an anti-rash serum, to use in SOS. When used daily and consistently, these three formulas leave skin balanced and clean, controlling excessive oiliness without leaving skin dehydrated.

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