White Sage: What It's Good For and How It Works


One question we get almost daily is how to "cleanse negative energies?". Perhaps this is because we have White Sage and Pau Santo on our website, as we believe there is something mysterious and powerful about these "tools" of nature, which for some reason have been used for centuries to cleanse bad energies or the evil eye.

The practice of smoking is what we do when we burn Pau Santo or natural herbs, each with its own benefit. One of the most commonly used is White Sage. It is believed to improve the quality of sleep, mood and air and to ward off everything negative. The practice dates back to indigenous civilizations in South America.

White Sage



Around here, we use it at the start of each season or during "heavier" moments, both at work and at home. It's something we should do when the seasons change or whenever we feel anxious or that life isn't going as well as we planned or is a real mess.

  • Open the windows (or doors) of the space you want to "cleanse", so that the smoke that carries the bad energies can come out. I like to open all the cupboard doors too. Oh, and everything must be tidy - there's not much point in cleaning a disorganized space, is there?

  • Start with the "entrance" - this could be the door to your home or office, or if you're only cleaning one space, the entrance to it.

  • Have a ceramic bowl nearby (so that if any sparks fall, they won't ruin anything).

  • Light the sage carefully - it's not meant to burn like a torch, but to burn slightly and give off smoke.

  • Start with yourself: hold the sage close to your heart and then move it around your body. It's very important to clean the top of your head, your back and the soles of your feet.

  • Then, in the living space, start at the entrance and work your way through all the spaces on your left until you've gone all the way around and arrived at the starting point - think clockwise, you want to cover all the spaces in your house in a clockwise direction.

  • Pass the smoke through all areas, don't forget around windows and doors. Inside cupboards, over the heads of your children (or colleagues). Fill the spaces slowly with smoke. It's very important that you always do all this with a good intention in mind - it won't work if you're not using all your spirit in the ritual.

Do not extinguish the Sage,
according to ancient beliefs, it has a "spirit" and knows when to go out in order to cleanse a room properly. If the sage torch goes out, don't relight it in that room. You don't need to go around your house with a sage torch in your hand all the time, just put it on a burner that is suitable for that purpose and let it burn by itself. It's natural to notice that, from time to time, the smoke drifts to a particular corner of the room - that's where you need to do a more thorough cleaning...

So NEVER extinguish it with water, because then you won't be able to use it again.

White Sage



This ritual brings usa unique sense of peace. It is a moment when we dedicate ourselves to ourselves and our favorite spaces, in absolute silence.

When I do it at the end of the day, I love to have a Detox or a Calmbecause I feel they help me rest better and maintain the serene state that the ritual brings me. I hope you try it and feel as good as I do!