From the Inside Out with Lelê Heger


My name is Letícia but I like to be called Lelê. I'm an illustrator & tattoo artist and I have a studio in Lisbon called Ecotattoo Gardenwhere we only use vegan materials and biodegradable plastics. I'm inspired both by nature and by the special people who cross my path and I feel grateful to be able to do what I love in an eco-conscious way, respecting and honoring our home 🌎.


Being - Lelê



Sign: Crab

Season: Spring

A color: Dark purple

A book: Paradise s ãthe others - Valter Hugo Mãe

A movie: Medianeiras

A song: Maresia - Adriana Calcanhotto

An object: Pencil

Favorite place in the world: Inside an avião

Create - Lele


Who and what inspires you? The shapes and textures of nature, the words I read and hear, the people and objects around me.

What have you yet to create? A few ceramic pieces that I'm working on inside.

How to keep creative:Not being afraid to experiment, to make mistakes, to try again.

Living - Lele


First thing to do when you wake up: Brush your teethmy face and put on my new scented creams from MPL

How to relax at the end of the day: Lounging on the sofa in the company of a good book

A place to switch off: At the beach

Favorite physical exercise: Yoga

How do you release stress? I go for a run

A woman who inspires you: My friend Cátia Costa

Nurture - Lele


Your ideal diet is... Vegan, with as few processed foods as possible, lots of salad, fruit and dips.

What you always have in the fridge: Frozen banana and vegetable milk to invent new combinations of smoothies

Dinner-saver recipe: Rice with chickpea curry

Favorite drink: Mango juice with lemon

Favorite snack: Bread with hummus or coffee with a muffin

Favorite restaurant: Tantura Lisboa

Caring - Lele


An essential piece of clothing: An all star bootie with stars that I've had since I was 18, it makes me feel young and modern

What's not missing from your beauty routine: Drinking lots of water and applying creams to my tattoos

Favorite MPL'beauty product: Creativity protein and Sérum Revitalizes

How do you feel more beautiful? When I manage to keep to a routine of waking up early, practicing yoga or going for a run and having time to get ready calmly - days that start like this give me energy and make me feel more beautiful, they will certainly be good days.


Favorites of the Week