Prepare your legs for summer

The hot days are already starting to give the air of your grace and the ever much desired summer is really, even at the door! Long days, endless afternoon, shorter skirts, skin and legs on display. And are yours already prepared to walk all the splendor?



We suggest that, first and foremost, start by doing exfoliation, followed by hydration, for even more amazing results. Although you can choose any of our scrubs (you can see everyone here), we suggest the Shinesto achieve deeper hydration. From a delicate aroma to coconut and pink, it has not only the power to exfoliate-cleaning the skin and removing the dead cells-but also to moisturize and illuminate the skin, stimulating that natural shine and leaving it extra smooth. With ideal botanical assets to take care of all skin types, it is especially indicated for the most sensitive, dehydrated and with brands.

How to use:

  1. Moist the skin.

  2. Cover the body with the exfoliator.

  3. Exfoliate the body, from head to toe, with delicate circular motions.

  4. Pass through water and it is already!


Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving water into the bag.


Once twice a week we suggest that you do the dry brushingthat is, the brushing of the dry skin, a technique that helps detoxify the body (unobstructing the pores to facilitate toxins expulsion) and exfoliate the skin at the same time. This lymphatic drainage (you can see more here) can help relieve the feeling of tiredness and swelling of the legs, after too many hours standing, to tone the skin and even prevent cellulite. It is also a great way to activate circulation, remove dead cells and keep the skin firm and soft, ready to receive hydration.

Our Hand brush It is made of natural bristles, which massage the body activating blood flow and collagen production. These bristles, although soft, have the right hardness to remove dead skin and, by repeating the movements "brushing" the body, will also be enhancing the firmness of the skin (even in the "most problematic" zones).

How to use:

· Preferably brush the body early in the morning, before bathing, and always with dry skin.

· Always brush with movements from bottom to top (from the ends) towards the heart.

· Begin this ritual starting with the feet and going through the legs and thighs, always in ascending movements.

· Then massage the belly in circular motions, which will stimulate the digestive system, moving to the buttocks and back, in ascending movements from the lower back to the neck.

Then brush your arms from your hands to shoulders. Do not forget the armpits, a point of the utmost importance in the lymphatic system.

Lastly, slide the brush from the neck to the shoulders on both sides, and then massate the neck.

· End a shower and, in the end, pass the body through cold water to stimulate blood circulation before moisturizing it well.




At the end of exfoliation, the skin will be completely ready for hair removal with the Mild blade, a blade without plastic and rechargeable (thus avoiding waste), and that does not cause irritation.


How to use:

It's very simple. Just insert a recharge into your blade, run and remove the handle. Open the rectangular part at the top of the blade and insert the recharge, very careful not to cut yourself. Return your reusable blade again and are ready to use! Humee the skin with a bath gel or your favorite body moisturizer. Touch the blade near the skin without applying pressure, as this blade is quite efficient and, if you overdo it, you can cut. Must shape delicately in the sense of hair growth.


Refirm and reduce cellulite

Despite being quite common, “orange peel” skin can cause some discomfort and even stop some women of showing their legs because they are not so confident. It was thinking about it that we created the Firm kit, a super news to soften, straighten and tone the body without leaving home. This kit is comported by Firm adelgating oil and body share of body - A tool of traditional Chinese medicine that allows a lymphatic drainage, reducing liquid retention and cellulite.

This oil is a 100% natural formula with biological ingredients and reducing properties to moisturize deeply and activate circulation, while the Gua water allows the skin and help oil penetrate deeper layers. Together, these two precautions create a ritual that will completely transform your skin, helping to activate lymphatic drainage, eliminate liquid and toxins retention, and to alleviate the appearance of cellulite.



The next step is then to hydrate and, for that, nothing better than the Illuminating seafor lasting nutrition and light skin throughout the day. Based on highly moisturizing and stimulating natural oils of the natural collagen of the skin for a softer and more toned texture and for anti-stary care.


ET Voilà! Legs so that I want you, if not to be super cared for and mega wonderful?