Prepare Your Legs for Summer

The hot days are already starting to show their grace and the ever so desired summer is just around the corner! Long days, endless evenings, shorter skirts, skin and legs on display. And are yours already prepared to walk in all its splendor?



We suggest that, first of all, you start by doing exfoliationfollowed by moisturizing for even more amazing results. Although you can choose any of our exfoliators (you can see them all here), we suggest the Shineto get a deeper hydration. With a delicate aroma of coconut and rose, it has not only the power to exfoliate - cleaning the skin and removing dead cells -, but also to moisturize and illuminate the skin, stimulating that natural glow and leaving it extra smooth. With botanical actives ideal for caring for all skin types, it is especially indicated for the most sensitive, dehydrated, and scarred skin.

How to use:

  1. Moisten the skin.

  2. Cover the body with the scrub.

  3. Exfoliate the body, from head to toe, with gentle circular movements.

  4. Rinse, and you're done!


Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid letting water into the bag.


Once or twice a week we suggest that you do the dry brushingdry brushing, a technique that helps to detoxify the body (unclogging the pores to facilitate the expulsion of toxins) and exfoliate the skin at the same time. This lymphatic drainage (you can see more here) can help relieve the feeling of tiredness and swelling in the legs after too many hours on your feet, tone the skin, and even prevent the appearance of cellulite. It is also a great way to activate circulation, remove dead skin cells, and keep skin firm and smooth, ready to receive hydration.

Our Hand Body Brush is made of natural bristles, which massage the body activating blood flow and collagen production. These bristles, although soft, have the right hardness to remove dead skin, and by repeating the movements "brushing" the body, you will also be enhancing the firmness of the skin (even in the most "problematic" areas).

How to use:

- Preferably, brush your body first thing in the morning, before showering, and ALWAYS with dry skin.

- Always brush with bottom-up movements (from the extremities), towards the heart.

- Start this ritual starting at the feet and working upwards, always moving upwards.

- Next, massage your belly in circular movements, which will stimulate the digestive system, then move on to the buttocks and back in upward movements from the lumbar area to below the neck.

- Next, brush your arms from your hands to your shoulders. Don't forget the armpits, a point of utmost importance in the lymphatic system.

- Finally, slide the brush from the neck to the shoulders on both sides, and then massage the neck of the chest.

- Finish off with a shower, and at the end rinse your body in cold water to stimulate blood circulation, before moisturizing well.




At the end of the exfoliation, you will have your skin completely ready for waxing with the Soft Foila plastic-free, rechargeable (waste-free), non-irritating blade.


How to use:

It's very simple. Just insert a refill in your blade, turn and remove the handle. Open the rectangular part at the top of the blade and insert the refill, very carefully so as not to cut yourself. Put your reusable blade back together and you are ready to use! Moisten your skin with shower gel or your favorite body moisturizer. Hold the razor close to your skin without applying pressure, because this razor is very efficient and if you push too hard you might cut yourself. You should shave gently in the direction of hair growth.



Although it is quite common, "orange peel" skin can cause some discomfort and even stop some women from showing their legs because they don't feel so confident. It was with this in mind that we created the Firm KitKit Firme, a super novelty to smooth, smooth and tone the body, without leaving home. This kit is composed by Firming Slimming Oil and the Body Gua Sha - a tool from traditional Chinese medicine that allows you to do a lymphatic drainage, reducing fluid retention and cellulite.

This oil is a 100% natural formula with organic ingredients and reducing properties to deeply moisturize and activate circulation, while the gua sha allows you to massage the skin and help the oil penetrate deeper layers. Together, these two treatments create a ritual that will completely transform your skin, helping to activate lymphatic drainage, eliminate fluid retention and toxins, and diminish the appearance of cellulite.



The next step is then to moisturize, and for this, nothing better than the Illuminating Seafor long-lasting nourishment and luminous skin all day long. Based on natural oils that are highly moisturizing and stimulate the skin's natural collagen for a softer, more toned texture and for anti-stretchmark care.


Et voilà! What do I want your legs for, if not to be super cared for and mega marvelous?