From the Inside Out with Joana Guerra Tadeu

Activist for climate justice, Joana Guerra Tadeu produces content and promotes awareness-raising and educational activities on climate, sustainability and development. Dedicated to environmentalism since 2015, she presents and creates content for RTP3's VERDES ANOS program, created and gave voice to Antena 3's AMBIENTALISTA IMPERFEITA podcast and is co-founder of the project to combat menstrual poverty. #TodasMerecemos and is an ambassador for ANP | WWF Portugal. 

 From the Inside Out with Joana Guerra Tadeu


Sign: Sagittarius.

Season: Autumn.

A color: Green.

A book: The Enchanted Typewriterby John Kendrick Bang.

A movie: The Faithful Gardenerdirected by Fernando Meirelles.

A song: PrayerA Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade.

An object: Smartphone.

Favorite place in the world: One I don't know yet.

From the Inside Out with Joana Guerra Tadeu


Who and what inspires you? Young activists, my father's work, conversations with my aunt, my boyfriend's critical sense, my daughter's joy, my dog's serenity, nature.
What do you still have to create? Anything else I can do to help combat the climate crisis. And to help my daughter become a demanding and satisfied woman.
How to stay creative: By trying new things. Latest challenge: ceramics and pottery.
From the Inside Out with Joana Guerra Tadeu


First thing to do when you wake up: Say good morning to my dog Goji without inhibitions.
How to relax at the end of the day: Cuddled up with my daughter.
A place to switch off: ManteigasSerra da Estrela.
Favorite physical exercise: Climbing.
How do you release stress? I cry.
A woman who inspires you: Wangari Maathai from Kenya, founder of the Green Belt Movementan environmental non-governmental organization focused on tree planting, environmental conservation and women's rights, whose aim was to connect African countries through forests. In 2004, she became the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. She died in 2011.
 From the Inside Out with Joana Guerra Tadeu


Your ideal diet is.... fresh and colorful
What you always have in the fridge: Beer
Dinner-saver recipe: Pasta with all the forgotten vegetables sautéed - this is how I clean out the fridge before I go shopping, without wasting food.
Favorite drink: Lemonade
Favorite snack: Cashews
Favorite restaurant: All vegetarian Lisboners will judge me and call me "basic", but the The Green Affair never lets me down.
Favorite cookbook: From root to branch, nothing is lost everything is cooked, by dear Sofia Magalhães, author of the Spice Blog.
From the Inside Out with Joana Guerra Tadeu


Beauty icon: Ui... I don't. Here's a list of five ultra-famous women I think are ultra-beautiful: Kate Winslet, Keri Russel, Alexa Chung, Winona Ryder, Emily Deschanel.
An essential piece of clothing: Cotton underwear.
What's not missing from your beauty routine: Sunscreen and eyelash mascara.
Favorite MPL'beauty product: Super Hair Mask
How do you feel most beautiful? After making love.