For Healthier Hair

We should keep in mind that our scalp is full of blood vessels, and the absorption of everything we put on it is very efficient. Therefore, we want the products to be as "clean" as possible. This will not only prevent the hair from becoming more fragile, but will also prevent skin problems and even hormonal dysfunctions.

The shampoos e conditioner MPL'beauty contains only natural ingredients, free of silicones and parabens. They contain botanical actives that nourish the hair fibers, stimulate growth and combat hair loss. With the bonus of having a wonderful scent and leaving the hair super hydrated, silky and clean. If you have not yet surrendered to shampoos e conditioners natural conditioners, here are 5 good reasons to try them now.

Protects the natural oiliness of the scalp

Without abrasive ingredients, it nourishes the scalp and hair follicles, stimulating growth, strengthening strands, and improving hydration and shine.

Prevents scalp irritation

Common ingredients in conventional shampoos, such as silicone and mineral oils, can irritate the scalp, make it flaky and over-dry it. They can also create pimples or other skin problems - often what we put on our hair is responsible for those mystery pimples we get on our foreheads.

Helps maintain hair color

If you already dye your hair naturally, withhennaone of the best ways to keep the color longer is precisely by avoiding using sulfate-free products in your hair.

Stimulates growth

Chemical ingredients irritate the oil glands, dry out the scalp and reduce the size of the hair follicles, which influences hair growth and can even cause hair loss.

It's better for the environment

What goes down the drain has a very big impact on the ecosystem, and everything we use in the shower eventually leaves waste in the water. So biodegradable is always the best option. Our shampoos and conditioner come in a glass bottle oraluminum with dispenser, which you can then reuse.

And don't forget! Just as important as taking care of your hair on the outside, with a good shampoo eserumis equally importantto strengthen the body internallyto support hair growth, shine and strength, and prevent/reduce hair loss.