What to eat to smell better

What does one thing have to do with the other? Our perspiration (bad breath too) it's affected by a lot of things, including our diet and our digestion.
If we increase the consumption of certain nutrients it will help reduce body odor.


What we should eat more of to smell better :

Citrus fruits - the acids contained in citrus fruits with oranges, limes and lemons help optimize the passage of water through the body, which minimizes toxins.
GREEN LEAVES - due to the elevated level of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps neutralize components that cause odor in the body. If you don't eat enough greens supplement with the drops DETOX which are composed of chlorophyll.
FIBER - Foods high in fiber, think beans, lentils and protein SUPER FEMININE (super rich in fiber and Pro and pre biotics). They are super important for supporting digestion. They even help to "suck out" internal bad smells and detoxify more effectively and quickly, making you less sweaty.
 *learn more about the benefits of beans here one of the best podcasts I've heard!
Infusions - especially with lucia lime, Nettles and or mint help improve digestion and help make it smell fresher! You can see this selection here.

Ingredients to avoid:

Here are some of the ingredients that we should avoid or eat less of to start controlling ourodor.

  • coffee
  • red meat
  • alcoholic beverages
  • cumin
  • garlic
  • onion

Try these recipes

Here are 2 recipes with ingredients that improve body odor and facilitate digestion.
Matcha Latte
Coffee is one of the foods to avoid when we're trying to improve our body odor, as opposed to green tea. So swap your morning coffee for this matcha latte.
Detox smoothie
This recipe has a nice combo! With chlorophyll, a key ingredient ofdetox drops, which help control odor from within to very effectively (helps also with bad breath) and other foods that improve body odor such as :
greens (spinach and coriander), fiber (super feminine), citrus (lime)

You can see more recipes here :

  • Apple and cinnamon pancakes

Apple and cinnamon pancakes — MPL ' daily - from the inside out

Both Apple and cinnamon are great for stimulating our digestive system. Enjoy the benefits in these delicious pancakes.

  • Salad With Macadamia Feta and orange sauce

Citrus, greens, healthy fats and a pinch of cinnamon - all right! Tip: omit garlic in macadamia "feta", as it is an ingredient that can intensify body odor.

  • Super refreshing,Ice Cream Detox
Ice cream Detox-MPL 'daily - from the inside out
It is possible to eat dessert and support our digestion at the same time. These ice creams have good ingredients to improve our natural smell-cucumber, pineapple, ginger and mint -, with a boost of medicinal plants with the drops and The Detox mixture.