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Horóscopo de Novembro

November Horoscope

The eclipse season is over, but not all the excitement. With the Sun making its annual passage through Scorpio, November looks set to be intense and full of surprises! The month begins with a series of oppositions between planets that will shake up the skies. On the 5th, Saturn ends its retrograde movement and leads us to seriously integrate the life lessons we've been processing since March. But on the 8th, beautiful Venus enters the sign of Libra, where she feels at home, bringing an air of lightness - and beauty! - to our relationships, social life and finances. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13 heralds new beginnings, mixed with passion and some unpredictability. And on the 18th, Mars aligns with the Sun in a "cazimi" in the powerful sign of Scorpio, infusing us with energy, ambition, and the drive that we've been lacking. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

November Horoscope


With three planets - the Sun, Mars and Mercury - in your mysterious VIII house, the invitation is to dive deep into your feelings, face buried fears and resolve financial issues, embracing your most authentic side and opening doors to intimacy. Relationships (love, but also social and work) are in focus from the 8th, with Venus entering your 7th house. Take advantage of the wave to harmonize your relationships, and even to attract the level of commitment you desire, if that's the case. In the last week of November, things lighten up, you feel optimistic and energized, and it's time to expand your horizons, perhaps with a trip, studies, or through cultural life.

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The first week of November could shake up your love life, with several planets colliding in your relationship zone, bringing unexpected conversations and situations with partners. From the 8th, your ruling planet, Venus, enters Libra, bringing some balance to your relationships. It's the right time to take care of yourself and also to plan some dates well-deserved dates, revealing the sensuality of Taurus women. The new moon on the 13th in your opposite sign of Scorpio will challenge you, but also bring the opportunity to embrace your less conventional side and even attract someone new into your life, just as unexpected. From the 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius, illuminating your VIII house, and it's time to face those skeletons in the closet, whether in your more intimate life or in your finances.

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The first half of November is going to be intense, especially at work. It's a period of transformation, when you'll have to deal with colleagues and powerful forces. Your Gemini intelligence allows you to navigate these days with grace, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. The new moon on November 13 is an excellent opportunity to analyze your routines and rituals and see how they serve your aspirations. Is it time to let go of some less positive habits and organize your to-do list? On the 18th, Mars and the Sun give you that boost to make changes in your day-to-day life. But life isn't just about work: Venus passing through your V house from the 8th brings new opportunities in the love sector, igniting your passions, pleasure and creativity. Get inspired!

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 November Horoscope


November brings passion, inspiration and romance to Cancer natives, so take advantage of the good energy and let yourself go! The Sun, Mercury and Mars will be in your V house for most of the month, accentuating your pleasures and with Venus entering the communications sector, it will be easier to express how you feel. The new moon in Scorpio promises new beginnings, but is a little confusing and can bring a lot of emotional intensity. Mars will help you turn your impulses into reality in a more practical way, with more clarity and confidence, from the 18th.

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For much of the month, the focus is on family relationships, your more private side and your roots. The Sun's passage through your 4th house brings a lot of activity to your home, but at the same time Jupiter, in the sector of fame and recognition, calls you to attend to your responsibilities in the professional sphere. Finding work-life balance is one of the challenges of the month, with all that is exciting and stressful too. Fortunately, Mars will help you find that strength and create new foundations for managing your family and professional life. From the 22nd onwards, with the arrival of the Sun in Sagittarius, the mood lightens and it's time to celebrate and embody your most fun side, whether it's attracting a new romance or resuming a creative project. Fall in love!

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The communication sector is particularly effervescent this month, so it's time to activate contacts and let your charismatic side and curiosity shine through in your closest relationships. Venus leaves your sign on the 8th, until then take the opportunity to shine, and then get ready to reap the rewards of what you have sown in the financial area and in the way you value yourself. Saturn direct on the 5th in the area of relationships will make you take off your rose-colored glasses and resolve all pending issues without leaving any loose ends. In the last week of the month, attention turns to your more intimate sphere and it's time to nurture family life.

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 November Horoscope


With Venus back in your sign from the 8th, you'll feel irresistible and ready to ooze charm wherever you go. It's an excellent time for romance, but also for dedicating yourself to self-carepampering yourself inside and out to shine even brighter. For most of the month, the Sun (and Mars, and Mercury) will be in your 2nd house, activating your finances and material pleasures. Take advantage of the favorable winds, but don't overspend. The new moon in Scorpio marks new beginnings precisely in the material area, so take the opportunity to sow the seeds of abundance and strengthen your financial independence. In the last week of the month, you'll be ready to resume your social life and celebrate with friends and acquaintances, and also to let go of old wounds, thanks to the full moon on the 27th, which opens up space for mental and spiritual growth.

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This month the Sun shines in your sign, dear Scorpio, and this passage illuminates your identity, but also your relationships. Right at the start of the month, an opposition to Jupiter can bring some drama (and intensity) to your relationships, so try to keep your more volcanic side in check. With the unpredictable Uranus in the equation, a collision of egos is possible, with secrets coming to the surface, so keep a cool head as much as possible, without giving up what you believe in. The new moon on the 13th is an opportunity to sow the seeds of change and, above all, to open yourself up to all the possibilities that the Universe presents you with. On the 18th, the meeting of the Sun and Mars in your sign will give you all the strength and energy you need to achieve your goals and give shape to your passions. Take heart!

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It's time to recharge your batteries, dear Sagittarius. With three personal planets in your 12th house, the mood calls for quiet and many hours of sleep (and dreams), almost as if you were in hibernation. In the first week of the month, get ready to deal with some challenges to achieve a balance between your private and professional life. The planets move and collide, activating this axis of your chart. From the 10th, things get easier: the entry of Mercury, the messenger, into your sign will unblock communications and expressing your wishes and desires will become much easier. Your social life and your more extroverted side begin to reactivate, but calmly. From the 22nd, with the entry of the Sun into your sign (and then Mars and Mercury) it will be time to celebrate, always with the sense of adventure and freedom of the archers of the Zodiac.

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November Horoscope


Networking, anyone? In November, your XI house of groups and communities will be very active, so the time is right to create important connections or get involved in group projects. At the same time, Venus moves through your X house of career and public recognition, making this a very favorable time for all kinds of achievements in this sector. Mingle with the right people and take the opportunity to make a good impression, putting Capricorn ambition at the service of a greater cause. Throughout the month, it's your more public side that will be in focus, so take advantage of the tide while taking care of your well-being. Knowing how to say "no" and reorganize your daily rituals and priorities is fundamental to your balance.

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November is a particularly busy month, especially when it comes to your professional life. You'll feel full of energy and ambition, ready to achieve your goals, and with Saturn ending its retrograde motion in the area of finances, you'll probably have more clarity to structure this sector too. The new moon on November 13 is in opposition to its ruler, Uranus. Be prepared for the unpredictable, dear Aquarian, and save the important decisions for after the 18th, when Mars supports more solid actions. In the meantime, let yourself be guided by your authenticity, staying true to your inner truth is what matters after all.

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Even though you love to immerse yourself in dreams and fantasies, dear Pisces, this month brings a wake-up call to be realistic. The big culprit is Saturn, which this month ends its retrograde movement in Pisces, and urges you to roll up your sleeves, assume your responsibilities, and do what needs to be done. Take advantage of the dance of the planets to dissolve old limits and ties and expand your horizons, particularly around the new moon on the 13th, which encourages you to embrace the best version of yourself and discover what makes you shine. During the first week of the month, take advantage of the good vibes of Venus, the planet of love, which is passing through your 7th house, the house of relationships. These treats will feel even better because from the 22nd onwards, with the Sun in Sagittarius, you'll have to focus on your professional goals and ambitions.

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